Faison Station NC March 28th 1865
Dear wife
I thaught I would drop you a
fiew lines to let you Know that I am
well and Hope these fiew lines will
find you all well and in good sperits
we left wilmington on the fifteenth
to Join General Sherman we marched
Seven days and arived at Goldsboro
or 8 miles from there where we found
Shermans forces Encamped and it
was a Hard old march we averaged
sixteen miles per day and one day
we marched twenty three miles
it is about one Hundred miles from
wilmington to goldsboro the Road we
went and we Had to wade creeks
up to our middle 3 or 4 different
times Some times we pulled of
our close and fastend them on
[page 2]
our Beyonetts and marched through
Bare assed the Boys Called us the Bare
assed Brigade we left out Blankets at
wilminton and took our over coats
with us But we dident go far Before
the overcoats Began to fly we Had to
throw them away for we couldent
carry our loads and march So far
in a day But I tell you we done
some foraging chickens Geese ducks
turkeys Hams and Every thing Else
that we wanted we took Sweet
Potatoes too we got lots of them But
the fun was to see the Boys nock over
the Bee Hives and take the Honey the
Bees would follow us and Sting the
Boys But they dident care for that
when we arived where Shermans
army was Encamped Sherman
Said He dient want us that He Had
more men of His own than He could
feed and So He sent us Back 20
miles to a Rail Road Station
[page 3]
to Guard the weldon and wilmington
RR and Rest up a little and get some
new close Shermans army is goint
to Rest at Goldsboro and get clothed
up and there is need Enough of it for
they are a Raged looking Set of devils
I Saw Shermans whole army and
I Saw the ninth Penns Cavelry
they are Encamped 8 miles from
Here I dont know How long we will
Stay Here But guess we will stay
three or four weeks and Per Haps
longer the mail just came in
and John Jaquish got 5 letters
from Home But Harry Gets nothing
why is it can you tell I cant why
dont you write oftener and Send
a Record once in a while tell us
about the draft andrew Pace is
prettty Sick Boy He carried His
overcoat until the last days march
and it was too much for Him
He couldent Stand it
[page 4]
when we left wilmington on the
15th Hugh Conner was sick and went
to the Hospital I Gave Him ninty dollars
to get Expressed Home to you I Haint
Herd from Him Since when you get
the money write and let me know
amediately one 50 and two 20 dollar
Bills we Have Had two mailes Since
we left wilmington But I got nothing
Either time you must write oftener
I cant Stand Such work John Jaquishes
letter Says He is Pap again that His
B[?] wife Has got a Boy you Haint got
none Have you if you Have write and
let us know I Believe they are going
to offer our Regt inducements
to Reinlist they offer 30 days furloug
But if we wait until our time
is out we can get as long a furlow
as we want and I think that will
Be the Best way no more at present
From your Affectionate Husband
Harrison Nesbitt To His wife

March 28, 1865


Co. F, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


From State: 
North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
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