Raleigh NC Sunday Apr 23rd 1865
Dear wife
I Recieved a letter from you last night
it was wrote on the 11th of Apr and came Here on the
22nd you complain a good deal Because I dont write
oftener you Said I dident write from the 15 of march
until the first of April now mimy I allways
write 3 or 4 times a week when we are in camp
where I can But we Haint Ben in camp much
lately and you cant Expect me to write when
we are on a march its impossible and as a
General thing after we Have Ben on a long march
and stoped we are so Buisey clearing up a camp
and fixing our quarters that we dont get no
Time to write and Its allways three or four
days Before we get a communication opend
So the mail can go away we labout under a
great manny inconveniences that you know
nothing about I allways write whenenver I
can and I dont think you Have anny Reason
to complain when you concidder the thing
Right when you dont get anny letters from
me you may Be Shure that I am where I cant
write I think I Have written you as manny
letters since I came away as anny of the Boys
Has and I guess I Have sent as manny to you
as you Have to me for its a long time Betw
een letters Sometimes with me But one of
these fine mornings I will wake up and
find myself in Blindtown my ownself
[page 2]
you siad they Gave Tony Emby a thrashing in
Wilkes Barre they aught to Hung Him instead
of whiped Him He is nothing But a Traiter and
there is plenty of them in the north Just such
men as Him murderd the President of the united
States and By the Eternal when the soldiers gets
Home they must dry up or they will get what
they deserve for the soldiers wont Hear no northern
Traitor say one word against Abram Lincolm
they love His name and He will not Be forgotten
one thousand years Hence I tell you some of the
soldiers would shoot a man as quick as look at
Him if they would Hear Him say one word
against the President or the United States Government
you said you Had Baught some Peech Trees of[f] gates
I am glad of that I was afraid you wouldent get
anny trees sot out this spring But you must do
the Best you can Get all the manure on the garden
you can and set out trees and make as much
Garden as you can its possible that I may Be
Home time Enough to set out some Late cabbage
Plants for July is time Enough for them we
Have Ben on inspection again to day its nothing
But inspection and Reviews with us since
the war is over and I am getting tiard of it
I Rather Be on a march anny time that fooling
around cleaning Gun Buttons and Brasses for
inspection and our officers are getting as
saucy as the devil since the fighting is over
they darsent Be to Saucy befor for fear the
[page 3]
Boys would Pop them off the first fight they would
get in But the Boys Has got some of them marked
and when they are musterd our of unkle sams
service they will attend to them for then we
will Be all on Equal footing mimy the folks
in Blindtown seems to think that we might
Have got andrew Paces Boddy Embalmed and sent
Home can it Be Posible that they are all crazy
Such men as Jose Linn and Joseph Jaquish
ought to know Better than to think of such a thing
they must Remember we aint Ben doing Sunday
Soldiering Such as Laying around washington
We Have ben all the while on the go and Right
in the Heart of the Enimys County Andrew
died at faison Station on the Wilmington
and weldon Rail Road 70 miles from wilmington
we ownly Had a Picket line through to wilmington
we couldent get Rations through to Eat we Had
to live off the country and there was weeks that
our doctor Hadent no medicin nor Couldent get
anny He died in the field Hospital and was
Burried Close By it they Talk about a man
Getting a Pass or furlough to Bring Him Home
it was as much as the Boys could do to get a
Pass to go to the Hospital to see about Him
and they couldent got that if the captain
Hadent assisted them if all the men that
dies in the army was sent Home and a
man with them it would take all the
Transports the Government Has got
[page 4]
you might as well ask to be discharged as to
ask for a furlough and Besides that we was
under marching orders all the while and Expected
Every day to start and did start soon after
and now we are over one hundred miles
from where He died and its noways likely
we will Ever go back that way well mimy
there is all kind of Rumers in camp about
our starting for Home Some say we will go
next week and some say we will Be kept
for Garrison duty until our time is out as
a matter of course its all speculation for
noboddy knows anny thing about it But
the Boys are anxious to get Home I can tell you
you dident Hear much about going Home until
since the war is Ended but now you Hear nothing
Else I Bet a Half Barrel of ale with Hugh Conner
Last fall when we first went to Chapins farm
that the war wouldent be Ended until after
our time was out But the war is Ended and
I Have Lost the Bet and when we get Home
we will Have it and then there will Be a
Big snow storm if it is in the middle
of the summer But I guess I must close
my letter for the Present on account of not
Having Room Enough for to write anny more
if you would write me such a letter it
wold make me laugh I tell you it would
direct as Before to the 10th army corps
Washington DC From Harrison Nesbitt
William Black wants Chet to Take this
Letter up and Read it to Rachel Pace

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April 23, 1865


Co. F, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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November, 2013
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