Raleigh NC Wednesday May 24th
Dear wife
I was detailed from the Regt on the
[8?]th of this month and sent our 40 miles in the
Country to Pittsborough the county Seat of
Chatham County there was 80 men of us sent
out for the Purpose of Giving the Citizens a
chance to take the oath of Alegience and to
form the Loyal Citizens into a company
or Local Police as its called we was away
[?????] from the Regt and just come
Back yesterday I found 3 letters Here when
I came to the Regt one from mary and two
from you yours Had Each a one dollar Bill
and some Post Stamps and I found some
Paper and Envelops Here that you sent [??]
Verry much obliged to you for the money and
Paper and stamps and so on I Have got a
Good manny Post stamps and I guess you
Better not send anny more of them for a
while when I get pretty near out I will write
for Some the next day after I went out
to Pittsborough Bill Jones Started Home on a
furlough I Suppose He is at Home Before this
time He can tell you all the Particulars about
things down Here I dont Know what He
wanted to go Home for I wouldent take a
forlough if it was offerd to me for when
I come Home I want to stay I dont want
to come Back to north Carolina
[page 2]
went out as a Patroll in the afternoon
through the streets Had Preaching in the Court
Hous By an Episcople Preacher Preached verry
good sermon Prayed for the President of the
united States and the Heads of the Government
15th Layed around Town all day Traded
coffee and shugar for Eggs Had verry good
Breakfast at night slept with our acuterm
ents on and guns all loaded Expecting an
attact from wheelors Valvery
16th started with a squad of men out in
the country to Gather up Government
arms and see if we could find wheelers
Calvery was out nearly all day found
[nothing?] went Back to town in afternoon
Saw gen cotton Traded Shugar for B[????]
and onions a fiddler came and played
for us nearly all night
17th went on Guard in afternoon went
to the creek striped off and washed all over
went on out to a Bush field got all the
Straw Berries I could Eat and Had Eggs
for Supper
18th Layed around Town all day nothing
to do Some of our men went out in the
Country to gather up arms a great manny
Citizens took the oath of Alegience
19th nothing new lay around town all
day at night our fellows cum in with
21 muskets and a Reb flag they Had captured
[page 3]
20th Every thing quiet and nothing new
21st nothing new went out this fournoon
and got all the mulberries I could Eat
Traveld around town all day Expect to
start tomorrow Back to Raleigh to join Regt
22nd Start this fournoon for Raleigh
marched 20 miles and camped for the night
23rd Broke camp at 5 oclock marched
saw cotton growing in a field arived at
Raleigh at noon and went to the Regt
and [??????] yhet we Had [????????]
inspection today and Expect Brigade
Dress Parade this Evening if you can
send a Little Tea with Bill Jones when
He comes Back or something of that kind
I wish you could do it But I must
Bring my Scribbline to a close for my
Pen is verry Poor and I cant Hardly Read
it myself and I dont know How you
will Ever Read it you musent feel
Hard Because I diddent write sooner for there was
no mail wnet from where I was and
as soon as I got to the Regt I wrote this
you must write often and direct
the Same as Befor I am well and
Hope this will find Every Boddy at
Home the same no more at present
write often and good long letters
Like I do none of your Half Rations
From Harrison Nesbitt to his wife

May 24, 1864


Co. F, 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


Residence (County): 
Luzerne County, PA


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
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