Camp pearpont

March the 8: 62
Dear Sister
I recieved your
vary cind and welcom leter of the
forth on the evening of the seventh
and was vary glad to hear from you
but was sory to hear of Fathers illness
but hope [?]ar this reaches you that he
may be beter My health is vary good
And sow is all the rest of the Comp[n]y
with a vary few exception
This is a beautifull warm sun shiny
day and things loock a good deale
like spring professer Vincent of
new Willmington preached for as
near the quarters to day His text
was on the crusafiction of crist
and he preached a vary interesting
good surman he is out on a
visit to the 10 regament and
thare are some boys in our compny they
[page 2]
I see you had to sadle oup gray
ned as you call him and start out
and hunt a bout before you could
git one sow you need not brag
about it But one thing I can
assure you of you have one her that is
tru to you Him and I have many
a good long [talk?] about old times
We would of liked to of been at
Nicks party and poot some of the
weman throw and seen if we could of
poot and arm around them Some
folks change thare opinion often
Just between you and I she has
since the war broak out her brother
is here driving sutler team for Jim
Clark our compny sutler And
those Demascus girls I would
like to see them if they are prety
but you now the laydays never
attracted my at tension much
and they are still less attractive
since I have been soaldering This
page kep to your self
[page 3]
I was at the city yesterday
and serced evry ware house
and frate and express ofice that
I could find in town but could
not hear any thing of it I am sory
that we cant git it after you folks
going to sow much truble but we
may git it yet but if we dont we
will be Just as thankfull to you all
We still gitting incuraging nues
Col Gay has taking posesion of leas
burg he did not have to fite any
to git it our trops came in at one
side and thares went out on the
other side We are under for days
rashens to be redy to march but
marching orders evry one would that
I hear speak about it would like to
march on now when they are
started and rout them as we
go I for won would like to
be doing some thing the more
I hear of them the more i want at
[page 4]
I am on gard last nite and
today and I am a litle sleepy
and lazy and you will have to excuse
me it is now three oclock and I must
poot on the relief and finish this
again Well this is monday morning
and it is raining the mud was
geting prety well dride oup but this will
make it as bad as ever the turnpicke
is dry and nice from here to Washington
Thare was a man cilled here in the
seventh reg last week a tree blew
down across his tent Clark is washing
the dishes here on the bunk we use it
for eating on riting on and sleeping on
We have things handy here we have a
strap tacked on the log to stick our
nives forks and spoons and one for
our tin plates and that surves
for a cubert Tell millia that John
Williams was sow taken with them
pictuers that he had to ciss them
I do not now whether he would
ciss the real purson or not if he had
a chance John is a first trate boy
and maks a good soalder Clark says
to give you his compliments in
return I have not much nuse to rite
I rite prety often Sow you will pleas
ecuse me for not riting a vary interesting
leter The mony I sent you you are
perfectly welcome to and I still consider
my self inteted [1] for favors don
My love to all yours Truley Jim
[added upside down at top of page]
Rite as soon as conveniant
[added upside down at top of page 1]
If we are taken out into a batle
I will rite as soon as I can
Some times we canot have and opertunity
rite a way Sow you nead not be uneasy

  1. indebted
March 8, 1862


Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery
sergeant; first sergeant
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, PA


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, PA


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From Note: 
Camp Pierpont


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
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