Green Spring Sabeth
Company B 74th regt March 26/ 65
Dear Wife & daughter I take my
pen this morning To let you know our
whare a bouts We ar with our regiment
at Green spring whare the 6 month boys sta[de?]
We ar all midling Well at presant
I have been a flicted with some biles
I have 1 on my left cheek & it broke
day before yesterday & it is stil runing
some & is getting better & I have one
coming on my right cheek bone but
it isent as bad as the other we left
harisburgh on thursday I went to baltimore
that day & on friday we came here & we
got hare a gin dark & our boys had to
lay down on the field without shelters
& it was a purty coald night it snoed
sum & I wasent very well & the captin
took me in to a tent whare th[eir?] ware
fire & I slepp cumfortible til the next
morning saturday & we cooked our brekfest
& the capton got a teem [1] & we went out &
cut poles & we bilt tents a bout 8 by 9 ft
[page 2]
& a bout 3 feet high & we put up over
it our shelter tents & we throde clay up
a round them & dobed it & we alow to
put little chimelys in them we slep in
them last night midling comfortable
we got pine brush & lade it on the groun
& put our gum blanketts on it & civered
our selves with our woolen blanketts &
we slep all night midling comfortible
but we will fix it a little better the day
& tomorrow. I beleave it is fool [2] as coald
here as it is at home the mountens a
round us is white with snow I have
stood the coald better then I expected
s.c Brown & s hover & G. W. Winslow
& my self in 1 mess all methoddest
& we have our eavening worshipp every
eavening before we lay down to slepp
We feel determent to try & live right
so as if we should be cald off that we may be
prepared to go We doant know how
long we may stay here it is on surten
but I want you to send your letters here
[page 3]
3 pa
& tel Jane Brown to right to Brown
here & lett me know the purticklers a
bout our folks & so on the account
that Neoma cant right for Jane hasent
much practice righting letters but
I believe she will do the best she can
& this letter will answer for to day
for brown & me & h will right 1 in
a day or so for boath of us & when
you right ether Mary Jane you & Mrss
Brown can slip yours to gether in 1 letter
as Mrss Brown seas proper we havent
got eany letters from home since we
left home but if we stay here we
can get a letter from home before
long I am very ancious to get a letter
from home. Let us know if the draft
has went off at home yet & ho is draft[ed]
our boys is midling well some of them
has got a midling bad coald. but I think
we will be all right fixt before long
I think we will get little stoves if it doant
get warmer soon I sent 20 dollars
[page 4]
4th page
home for T. B. Allison to
get for you The money was put
in the haris burgh Bank &
there will be a check sent to allison
for the hole amount & he will lift
it at Pittsburgh or Indiana [3] bank
I doant know which But he will
Get instructions I Must clos
for the presant hoping that
theas fiew lines my find you all
well Give my Love to all of
my Inquiring friends & tel them
when I get a little time I will right
to them tel them to right to me
We send our adress on an
other peace of paper let Hannah
J Brown Back the letters
to me yours with much respect
John W. Compton
& S.C Brown

Remember I made a mistake in the

  1. teem = team of horses or mules
  2. fool = full
  3. Indiana County, PA
March 26, 1865


Co. B, 74th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


From State: 
West Virginia
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
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