1st June 5th /65
Take notes if there is not eny [?] on the
Back of the notes Let me know if
there is eany of the notes lifted that
is against me & if margret Compton got
what muny she had at our place & if
she got all of the notes that was a
gainst TB Allison & Brown & if she got
them 2 Notes that was a gainst me mind &
tel me in your next letter Jane when you
get a letter from me then when you comence
to answer it read my letter as you right
& then you can answer it satisfactory
& if you doant know a bout read it to your
mother & she can tel you & what she does-
ant know she can find our
you must not think that I am to inquisitive
it onely will lurn you to right & to tel me
of sutch things I wood like to know a bout
I wood like to know how much you got for
them 3 sheep you soald I dont want you
to sel eny more til I come home if they will
ceep them. I will want a cuple to cill this
summer for mutten after harvest & if thare
is more then they wanto ceep next winter I
can get [?] crawford to tak a fiew I am glad
that Miss Beam is a going to ceep them sheep
1 year more We havent drawed eany money
yet & I doant expect to draw eany til we ar
muserd out & if we stay here til we ar
discharged I can make some money
[page 2]
First a bout yout helth
second a bout inquiring friends & relations
3rd about the stalk the B[??]
4th about if you soald eny more beauroes or wagon
of if there has bean much work wanted
5th if there is meny soaldiers coming home
& ho they ar of our neighbours that
ar at home & if eany of them getts eany
extra pay some argues that we will draw
the balenc of our state bounty 66.66 cents
& 3 months exta pay but I doant believe
that I wood be very well sadisfied
if we wood get what is due at presant
& let us go home I doant know if we
will draw eny more then 16 dol a month
r draw more some says 20 dollars but I
doant know Andy can tell or those that
ar discharged: if you get a paper that
there is eany importens in it send it to me
you subscribe for the meshenger if you
havent send word for it by sume one &
you will get more nues then I can right
Tel me how oald that calf is & I think [the?]
Capten will let me come home to kill
the fatted calf The capton hasent got
here yet he may be at hed quarters he
went to Washington from harisburgh
I think If he getts surved right he will
get in for curnell I will close for the
presant hoping to get it answerd yours afectionetly
right a way John W. Compton
to Neoma & M J Compton
[page 3]
I wood like to know a bout the [stuff?]
that is sawed if it is stuck up & if
the axel stuff is hauled home Neoma tel me
how much money that T B Allisons
got at the bank if he drowed 5 hundred &
50 or 5 hundred & 40 dollars & if white
got his 10 dollars or not tell me & I
wod lik to know how much money you
have with out eny of the bounty
Tel me how Browns folks is & the rest
of our neighbours & how Joseph Pery is
making it & if you ever got that curl
maple that was left at Dan grifeth
you neaver asked me if I had sean eny
gray backs I havent sean or felt eany
yet or I doant think eany of our
marchand boys had eny of them yet
our boys is all well except H Rador
he has bean on well for some days & we
ar a sending him this morning to
I must soon come to a cloase for you
will get tired reading & answering my
big ill composed letter
Doant show this ill cumposed
letter for it is rough & ready
Direct you letter as you did the
last one

June 5, 1865


Co. B, 74th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


To State: 
To County: 

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
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