Petroleum July 14 /65
Dear wife & daughter I take my
Pen to drop you a fiew lines to let
you know that I still injoy good
health & hope that theas fiew lines
may find you both the same
I received your kind letter of the
I received your letter on the 13th [1]
8. & 9 & was very glad to hear
that you ware well It is a bout
half past 6 oclock this eavening
I have been working yesterday &
to day & Just came in it has bean
cule this 2 days here I received them
2 platts of hare & they look very natu
ral I think it woant be very long
til I will se the heads that it groad
on I think in the inside of from 3 to
6 weeks at the furthest This Westeren
virginia department is a bout broke
up & thare is onely 1 virginia regiment
[page 2]
& 1 Ohio Caverly regiment &
our regiment that belongs to this
department & they say that we are
to be mustred our at clarks
burgh they ar a mustering our
the virginia regiment this week
& the Ohio is to be mustred
out nex week & we think that
we will be mustred our the week
after thoes that they ar a muster
ing out a bout the half of them
went to the army the same time
we did & of corce they will harly
ceep us here & muster our all of
the men that belongs to this state
& ceep us pensylvaniens to gard
there state if we ar cap eany longer
then I think they will ceep us. I
sertnly will blame our Pensylv
anions states men for not trying
page 3]
to do for their state that other
states is a doing for theirs we
doant wish to lye here in W Va
where there is no trups neaded
this 2 months an expence to the
government doing nothing when
we wood far better be at home
you toald me in your letter that you
had your last pare of shues on
Well if you nead eany shues you
can by a pare at the store or if
you nead a pare of fine going out
shues let me know & I will by you
a pare as I go home or pur haps
I may bye you a fool suit from your
sholdiers down if I get a good
bit of money I think I will bye
a silk dress & a shall [2] & kid gloves
& a pare of good dress shues I wood
like that you wood ask Jane Brown
how meny yards of silk it will
[page 4]
take for to make you a good dress
& what kind of silk wood be the
best & what it ot [3] to cost a yard
or for a dress pattern & what the
best quality of silk shalles [4] ot to be
got for I havent tim this eavening to
plat you eany of my hare I will
send som in the next letter
that 5 dollar bill isent worth
no more here then at home
If we ante discharged soon I will
be home on a furlow but what it
wood cost to take me home on a furlow
wood bye you a soot of close
Answer this right a way &
tel me the purticklers
tel me how menny swarmes of
bees yo have at home for by the
1 that thomas MComb got
tel Jane Brown to right a
fiew lines for you I must clos
it is getting dark give my best
respects to S Brown & all the
inquiring friends J W Compton

  1. Added between the lines
  2. shall = shawl
  3. ot = ought
  4. shalles = challis, a kind of fabric
July 15, 1865


Co. B, 74th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


From State: 
West Virginia
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
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