Petroleum August 18 /65
Dear Wife & daughter I take my pen in hand
this eavening to let you know that I still injoy
good health & hope theas fiew words will find
you the same I received your kind letter
that you rot on the 10 & was happy to hear
that you was all well & that every thing
was going well Except Neoma you was
pure in flesh I want you to tell me what
is rong I am shure I ante there to scoald
you or to give you eany trouble But I
think it woant be very long but I havent
got my furlow yet but I am looking evry
day for it I ecpect I will make youse of
it when it comes I think we all will be
home agin the first of next month
yo thot you had purty near all of
the bounty spent you ar a good peace from
it yet the other side of this paper will show
you about how much you have spent
I must close for it is a bout 11 aclock Pm
Right ofton I will send this in Galls
letter Be good to your selves & [????]
of this papers I have Just minded what
is on the other side of this Paper yours
with my best respects
John W. Compton
[page 2]
This below is about what money This below is about
you had & took in since I left about what money
home This is a bout all I know of you have paid our since
but I supose you took in more I left home

You had when I left 15.00 H Dorns Note 53.00
I sent you 20.00 home 20.00 D Polocks Note 20.20
you got for a beaurow 25.00 A Comptons a bout 30.00
the borowed back Braughers vandoe Note 15.35
Samuel Browns wife give 15.00 Lifting Peryes Note 17.00
Bee palis [=palace] Peter Bears about 6.00
yo got from Crosman for 5.00 Enterline for sa[???] 13.00
you sole 3 sheep for 6.50 154.55
you soald wooll for 10.00 98.50
John Smitten give you 2.00 $56.05
that makes ninty eight & 50 $98.50
Now Neoma you se that you I doant think all of the
had purty near one hundred money you paid our of
dollars of your one money the bounty money or what
to pay off them notes & what TB Allison payed out wood
money you had to pay out exed 75 dollars Doant
of the lokle bounty truble your self eny thing
a bout it I will fix every
thing right before lonf
if evry thing goes right

August 18, 1865


Co. B, 74th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA
Residence (County): 
Indiana County, PA


From State: 
West Virginia
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
To County: 

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
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