Washinton July 31th /61
Dear Brother it is
With pleasure I take
my pen in hand
to in form you
that I am well
At present time hoping that
Theas few Lines will find you
in the State of Pennsylvaina
which I am Not inn For I am
in the D., C. of Calumbia
Near Washington City where the
Capitol is I Can see it Every Day
I Came Through maryland cam
inn At one End and went Trough
I am farder From home than Evir
I was before But I feel Sadisfied
Here For I Neve had Such Good
Times before Yet I Dont Now
How it will Last here I am
Sworen in for three [Years? only?]
[page 2]
Sooner Dis Charged But I
Do Not think that thewar will
Last Longer then 6 months At the
Longest For the Rebels will Not
Stand it Longer then that
Time and we Dont Expect Eny
Battle we will get in to at all
But if we Do we we will it
is more then we Expect to
we have ondley to Drill 2 times
A Day here in the Evening and
moring and the Rest of the Day
we can Lay in our tents [and?]
Shade p[l]enty to Eat and
Good Wattr to Drink here I
should feel Lone some if I
was At home Never [Fers?]
there is Now About one hunded
and Twenty thousand
soldiers here Now Tell Father
and mother that they should
Not take it hard for it is to
Late Now for to
[page 3]
think hard of me going A
way for I was Not Contented
A Bouut home Eny more for
I Expect to Be home in A
bout six months Enny way
if I Dont get Clear i will
Come home [Atengrate?] I have
I have Been Sworen in to the
U. S. A. Servies we have
Plenty Clothes more thin we
Nead I wish you would Com =
= modate me So much if you
will go to C[h]ess Springs [1] and
Get my Trunk and Carped Sack
My Trunk is at John. C. [Atkinies?]
and I Expect my Carped Sack is
at henry [Pa?] Nutlers store ask
him and he will give it to
you take my Clothes out of
my trunk and you will find
my watch in it and you
keep it and if I Never get
home Keep it for William
untill he is 15 years old and Let
[page 4]
him have it as A present
and the Rest of my Clothes
Keep untill I get hom or
[????] miss Divide them Among
Who you please it Apears
Like A healthy plase here
this have Taken A Bout
one hundred of the Rebels the other
Day But they was willing to
Come and there is About one
half of the Rebels would Like to
Come to the union Side if they
could So i think there will Not
Be much Fighting Done Now I
must Bring my Letter to anend
I remaine your Brother untill Death
Both us part I am fighting for
our Country So May God Bless you
all we all Trust in god and
pray to God to asist us,
Dircet your Lette to Philip Lantzy
{Washington City. D. C.
Pennsylvania Recerved Corps
Company .A. Eleventh Regiment
[???????] Regiment

  1. Chest Springs in Cambria County
July 31, 1861


Co. A, 11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (40th Volunteers)
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear Brother Lantzy”
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


From State: 
District Of Columbia


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2012

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