Camp Pierpont va
Febuary 15.1862
Dear Brothers and
Sisters and to you all I am
Well at present time hoping that
theas few Lines will find you
all Engoying Good health I
Received your letter dated 18th
But I think you are mistaken
for I Received yours on the Evening
of the Seventeenth and I was waiting
for one for this long time and
I Got one from [Rog??ner?] the same
Evening the weather is Not cold
hear we have Some little Snow
But not more then 3 inches
at A time it is Raining to day it
Snowed on Sunday and now
it is all gone A gain I can Easy
Stand it hear with A couple of
Shirts and A thin Blouse Turn over
[page 2]
So I suffer no cold hear But
if it was as Cold hear as it is on
the mountain we could not stand
it at all I will tell you Some of
the war news now But it is
not much now there for I supos
you hear all the news there
Before I can Write them to you.
Our men have been whiping all
theas Rebels So Bad theas few weeks
it is A Caution our men took A
fort from the Rebels Called fort Donilson
after A Long fight and A Big loss on
Both Sides But our men have Been
to many for them and our men took
15 thousand Rebels Prisiners and
3 of there Best General that is 4
Victorys we have gained and they
have not Gained one Since the
Battle of Balls Bluff on the Potomac
River and our men would not
Lost that But our men had A
General and he was a Trator and
[page 3]
he Run them men on our
Side in to that plase So they
would get whiped But he is
Arrested now for Treason and he is
in Prisinon now theas few last
weeks our men have took all together
A Bout 20 thousand Rebels Prisiners
and guns and canon A nough
to A mount to one hundred
million Dollars So if our men
keep on we will have them whiped
in A few months more I think A
Gain fall we will be home Again
You was Saying that you would
Like to now if I Calculated to make
my home on the mountain or not
to tell the truth A Bout it I will if
I can Get A pease of land that will
Suit me if I was home now so
that I could hunt my Self A Piese
out if you will Do So I wish you
would look A Round on Black
Lick and See if there is Eny land
[page 4]
there that is worth Enny thing and
if you would By A Bout one hundred
acres of land and take my money s
and and mak A Payment on
it Just Buy the land for your Self
and if I would Not Get home why you
Could Keep it for your self So you
Can do as you plas A Bout it wait
Till I come home or Else Do as I told
You A Bove in this letter.
So I will Close this Letter in
hopes that I will hear from
you soon so good B[ye] to all
tell father and mother that I am
fat and hearty and fell contented
and I do not want them to
trouble them selves much
for the day will come when
we will all be to geather
Direct as usual
P A Lantzy Write Soon
To Joseph Lantzy

February 15, 1862


Co. A, 11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (40th Volunteers)
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear Brother Lantzy”
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


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From County: 
From Note: 
Camp Pierpont


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2012

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