Camp [????] [???]ge Chickahomany
River 7miles from Richmond Va
Dear Brothers June the 20th 1862
I now take my pen in hand to in
form you all that I am well at pesent
time thanks be to god for brining me
Safe So Long and all [by? ???] the weather
is midling Cool hear at pesent time
for to be South So far it is as warm
hear now as it is on the mountain
in the hotest of Summer but we [????]
that cool head we have moved since
I have writen the Last Letter we have
Cume a Bout 60 miles further the
Strait Coars but the way we come
it is a bout 3 hundred miles we are
in McClellens army now and we
are glad of it for we did not Like
gen Mcdowl for he was Whipest at
bull Run we are Lying close to the
Enemy we can see them in the
Other Side of the River and see there
[page 2]
Canon and ours is on this side and
hour men are building a brige a cros
the River and the Rebels through Shell at
the Brige to keep our men from working
at it they have been firing Every day
Since we [one?] [here?] and ours has been
firing at them in Return I was out
on the how [1] of the hill this fore noon and
was waching the Rebels guns go of when
they was sheling the brige and I was
up on a Small sapling and they
Rebels turned there Canon on us and
the Shots bursted close by me but I
Soon Left that plase and come to
camp and they have been firing Evr
since and have been firing while I
am writing theas few Lines there one
is a 32 pounder that they Shoot in
to our camp with but our men
are planting 6 Large Canon [now?]
and I think in a few ours our
men will give them there bitters
we can se there camps and can
hear there Drums beat and can
[page 3]
See there prickets but general [???]
is with in 2 miles of Richmond
on the Left and the gun boats are
Braking there way up the James River
and are taking out the blockade
that the Rebels have Sunk the River to
Keep our gun boats from going to
the capital but I think we will
Soon have them Whiped for they are
getting Cornered up So that they Can
get out by and by we are on the
wright wing of McClellens army now
we do not get to hav much [??????]
[now?] Eny more for we are to fare
a way that there is Not many
Newspapers comes to camp we
have been Looking for to get paid
but we have not yet and a gain
the first of next month we will have
[4?] months on but we will ondly be
paid for 2 months. we are a going
to move our Camp out of [th reach?] of
th Rebel cannon this Evening th boys
are all Stout at present time
[page 4]
that is a bout all the news
that I have to write at this time
So I will Close in hopes that I
Will hear from you Soon So
nothing more at present time but
I Remain your Brother till Death
Doth us part P. A. Lantzy
To Joseph Lantzy
Direct to washington as
you allways do
I do not for get my prayers
my prayers are said daily and
I want you all to pray for
me So good Bye to you
my Best Respects to all
Philip .A. Lantzy } To Joseph [Dandy?]
PLEAS Write Soon
} Michel Skely is still
in the hospital in washington D. C.

  1. how = top or crest of a hill
June 20, 1862


Co. A, 11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (40th Volunteers)
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


Name Variant: 
“Dear Brother Lantzy”
Residence (County): 
Cambria County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2012

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