Mountain Creek
Head Quarters 1st Division 2nd Corps Nov 22/63

Dear Father & Mother & Sisters

I take my pen in hand
to write you a few lines to let you now
that I am well a presant and I hope
these few lines will find you all in
good helth I received your letter
yesterday and was very glad to hear
from you that you ware all well
I want to now wether you heard
from Molley Townsend or not for
I ges she has for got she has a brother out hear
in the Army of Potomac for I dont
get any more letters from her
and I ante going ton to write any
more till I get one from her
for I have not got any from her
I donte now when it has bin
so long that I donte now ware
I wrote to her from she had better write
pritty soon
[Page 2]
Well there is not much news
hear to write to you now we exspec
to move from hear to morrow an have
a nother fight I think if the rain
has not maid the roads to bad
We are at Mountain Creek between
Culpper and stevensvil in Culpper
County if you look on the map you
can see ware we are I have fixed
up a corne cribe with my pardnere
and have got a ten plait stove in
it and it makes very good Quarters
for us my pardner nam is John H Greene
he is a bulley fellow to be with
we have a heavey buisness going
on now we make boone ringes for
the boyes and other things to pass
away the time at 50cts a peice I have
not got any maid on hands now
else I would send you one for a
sample meby when I write to
you again I will have one
maid so I can send it to you
[Page 3]
with your name on it Well I cant
write you much this time I will give
you the account at the end of the
mou[n]th of our march and what
has bin going on well I must
tell you a little a bout our
cooking we had roast beefe for
Dinner and roast potatos and
Doughnuts for supper so that
was very good for one Day meby you
would like to now how we maid them
well we took some harde tack and
but them in a bag and hammerd
them all up fine as we could get
them and put in some salt and sugar
and water and mixed them up in cake
and fride them in greese and it
maid them so good that all the
Boys are at it Well there is to
be a nother man to be shot for
Derserten next Friday he is out
of the 61st N.Y.V Well I ges i have
wrote a nuf this time so good by
[Page 4]
and give my love to all of my
friends and to Mrs and Mr Appl
and to Anty Beckey Joyce and to
Turzer Snare and Molley all the
rest so love to you all from
Your Sone
Wm A Smith
Hear is Ten Dollers
I send to you to take care
for me till I come home
on a furlow so that I will
have a little in my pocket
for last pay day the Goverment
got it all for clothes
some of U Sam new 10cts

November 22, 1863


Co. D, 116th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Philadelphia County, PA


Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA
Residence (County): 
Chester County, PA
Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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From Municipality: 


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
October, 2012
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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