[1] Headquarters Camp Curtain Co A 57th P V
Dear wife you may think of my writing all of the
time but Such Seams to be the case I Should not
have written So Soon but the most of us are under
marching orders to leave for Some wamer climate than
this although it may be all kicked into a cock hat yet
for it Seames to be left in the brest of the men to go or
stay although the greates part of the Company have
been in favor of going once there Seams at the pres
ent time a quite an number now that had rather
stay than go I have been always in favor of going
South further than Harrisburg for it is not a great
deal warmer here than it is up at our place and I am
Sure that it is cold enough to freeze a dog up there
in the winter and So it will be here before winter
is out for we find it cold enough already to suit
me. last night I was called to gward the prison
house for a few hours and I suffered with the cold
more than I like to I am sure although I had as
warm a place as could be had but yet I was cold
Fredrick was called upon for the Same purpose but
where he stood the wind hit him quite bad but
not so where I stood for I was out of the wind ent-
-irely. if we have to stay here much longer I shall
come home for I have the priviledge if we stay
here long enough but I had rather not come till
[Page 2]
I can come home and Stay I think that those that
live to See three weeks from now will See peace
through out this land for as near as we can here
from the best resourses is that most of the Southern
States are becoming loyal to the union if Such
is the case we have every reason to thank God
for his good ness I hope this matter may soon
be settled up with out any more blood shed
for God knows that I have no desire to shed
human blood I have no such an ill wish toward
my fellow man although I feel as though it
was my duty as a man to defend my country an
if needs bee that blood must be shed I do not feel
as though it would be wrong for to assert my rights
as a fellow citizen I guess I will not say any
thing more about that. Adison arived here in
Camp last Saturday Safe and Sound we were
glad to here from See him for the simple reason
it put us in mind of home although we do
not wish you to think that we are home Sick
in the least far from that John looks a great
deal better than when he came from home and
I think that camp life will agree with him
first rate his appetite is good and he looks
a great deal better than he used to when he
lived around home it does these married
men good to be away from their wife awhile
or at least I think So if jokes are free in harvest
it is most five weeks Since I left home a I hope
[Page 3]
if God in his Providence Sees fit to Spare my life for
five weeks to come. I shall be at home if such Should
be the case I trust we both would enjoy ourselves better
than we now do when I leave the Army I will leave it
like a man I will have my honorable discharge or
else I will die at my post just as an honest man
should. but I guess as far as the bullets are concerned we
shall not many die with that treatment is conserned
I do not fear the balls as much as I do the diseases
that are going afloat in the land. I feel like this
that it is appointed once for a person to die and after
that the judgement let us go where we may death will
come to us wherever we go but if we are prepared it
matters but little difference how Soon death comes
Oh! that we may be prepared for that hour whenever
it may come may we die the death of the righteous
may our last hours be like his let us look to this
before it is to late. that our last days may be our
best days that is my prayer. that it may be our
lot. I guess I have written about long enoug that is
you will get tiered a reading for I have Scribbled
it off very fast So I would not freeze for I have
no fire to write by and no chair to set in So
you must not think strange if it is not the nices
writing the world. I should be glad to have Father
& Mother write for it would give me pleasure to
here from them once an a while. I could not
think what I owed John for but it come into
my head the other day he paid Mr Shove one dollar
[Page 4]
and three shillings for me that is all and the rest
you may convert to your own use as you may think
proper I will trust it to you to do as you think best
with for I think you know what you want better
than I do I hope you will be contented where you are
and try to get along Smooth and nice as a pin for
I think that you are left in better circumstances than
many others if you draw any think from the county
do with that as you may think best I want you
Should write often for it is lonesome without recieving
any news from home this makes three letters that
I have written to you since I have recieved one from
you prehapse you think I need not write so often
as I do but I cannot very well avoid for am sure
I feel an interest in your welfare and I want often
to hear from you I do not want you should feel concer=
=ned about me if you Should not recieve a letter from
me once or twice a week for if we move from here
it may be quite an number of days before I Should
get a chance to write if any thing Should hapen to
me the boys will write for me So you may not be
concerned about me write often as you can and
direct your letters to me as usual Co. A. 57th Reg
P V you need not put it on in care of Captain Sides
for it will go as well without and if we should leave
here it would follow us where ever we went now do
not forget to write for I Shall not write annothe
till I recieve a word from you
This from your best friend
To Sabra & Clara A Granger/ Luther A. Graner
[page 5]
Dear wife I wrote in that letter that I sent you
my picture by Lyman Bolls but he did not go at
the time he intend So I did not Send it but John talks
of coming home in a short time and if he does I will
Send it by him and if not I will send it by mail
but I had rather Send it by Some one for it would
Save a quarter as for my cloths I Shall Send them
the same way John will See them Safe home when
he comes as for my leaving that matter of John
Hillis’s with John Granger ha he says that as he
let me have a dollar and Some cents that morning
I started that I Said that John Hillis might pay
it back to him and the rest was coming to you
and John Said he told John Hillis about it before
he started from there So you can get Father to
speak to him about it and you get Some if
you wish for I do not want you Should be deprived
of any the blessing when you can have them as well as
not nothing would give me greter trouble than
to think that you were deprived of Such comforts
that you could have as well as not. let. me suf-
-fer what I may and I will bear manfuly but
if I thought you was deprived of any thing that you
could have as well as not I could not Sleep but
I trust as far as living you will never realy suffer
I hope and pray that you may not So I will close
by chargig you very Strict to write as Soon as you
can after you receive mine direct your letters to Camp
Curtain Co A Reg 57th P V this from old Lut Granger

  1. No date, but probably late November 1861. The regiment left Camp Curtin on December 14.
Date Note: 
Late November 1861


Co. A, 57th Pennsylvania Infantry
Residence (County): 
Susquehanna County, PA


Residence (County): 
Susquehanna County, PA


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From Municipality: 


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To County: 

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November, 2012
M. Ellis
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June, 2013

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