[1] Camp Miserable
Feb. 9 18.62
wife sisters and Brother
I now take the pleasure
of wrighting a few
lines to you to let
you know that wee
are all well hoping
thease few lines will
finde you the same
I receved your kinde
letter dated the 6 inst
last night I also got
your stray letter
with them three stampes
in I call it camp
miseable becase the
camp is in such a
miserable condishion
Billey rewbottem is
hear to se us to day
[page 2]
It is a prettey
day over head
but the mud
is boot deepe
it is one of the
worste camps this
side of the potomacke
you want to know
how it is that our
compenay is so small
I will tele you
as fare as i am
able we hav seventy
men all tolde nine
in the garde house
fifteene on the sick
list two wating
on the captin one
taylor one sadler
fore in the cooke house
one blacksmiss one
farrer [2] so you will
[page 3]
see ware all the men
are thease men that
i hav named do no
gare dutey that is
what makes it so
harde on the reste
of the men we hav
twelve men fore garde
dutey everey day
six on horse garde
six on rigmentel
garde the horse garde
has to clene out
the stables and
looke after the horses
after all night
and all the labering
worke in the compeny
some of the men
that ware cicke hav
bin returned to
dutey a gane
[page 4]
[3] you when you get wet it as been
a beutiful day hear to day it
as clared [up?] nice I hope you have it
the same I want you to write as
soone as you get this and let me
know wether you have got my things
or not I have been over to see Lusey
West she as a fine yong son predy
near redy for a solder I must close my
letter I feel as if I would like to see
you I could tell you more then I
can write I do not see how it is
that the rest can get time and
you cant there is severeel home
now out of the reserves I am sorey
your Capten is so strict with you
but I hope you will be home again
be fore long i think a solders life
is hard good night and god bless
you and protect you I remain your
affectionate Wife Mary Ann Band
[page 5]
I send you 3 stamps in this

I will send you that money
in y my next if you say so

[4] you want to now
how our men
made out the other
day thay saw nouthing
we hav chering news
from tense tenesee
you mus excuse
mee fore these few
lines as i am shorte
of paper just now
i will get susm
in a day ore tow
[page 6]
as fore a ferlow i hav
giv that up every
few days thay read
orders to that efect
that now pases are
ferlows are to be
granted to aney onley
one extreeme cases
so you see i may
giv it up I should
like verey much to
get one I should
like verey much
to talk with you
all once more
giv my best respectes
to all the folkes tel
them we are all well

from your affectenat
Husband Wm Band
two his wife M. A. Band

  1. Patriotic illustration in upper left corner
  2. farrier, a soldier who cares for horses in a cavalry unit
  3. Excerpt of letter from Mary Ann; William used the back for part of his letter
  4. Continuation of William’s letter
February 9, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Camp Miserable


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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