[1] Camp Marcy
Feb. 23. 1862
wife It is a
nother Dreary Sabeth
day looks more like
raning then anney thing
else it is warme but
mudey I receved your kinde
letter and was glad
to hear from you to
finde that you ware
all well hoping these
few lines will finde
you all well as
it leas us all well
at present I am
glad to se that you
enjoyed those victor[ies?]
[page 2]
so well it will
keepe your spirets
up as it dos the
solders we enjoyed
it well it is
glories news to
our glories cuntrey
it will stop england
from blowing we
will let them see
that we are alle to
attend to our one
afers I se by the
quene speech that shee
pretendes to be nutrel
that she respectes the
blockkade but it
donte looke much
like it thay giv the
rebels two chances to our
chances too our one
[page 3]
we ware out
Scouting on friday
as fare as viannia
but we saw nouthing
I got your letter
that night with one
doller in it came
in everey well I
got your paper and
envelopes thay came
in very well
i am abliged to you
you want to know
if i want anney thing
I do not just now
that i know of thare
was three ore fore companes
out scouting yesterday
out of our rigment
thay went out to viannia
thay saw nouthing thay
came a coss the canering
dragoons thare was
[page 4]
eleven compenays of them
thay cam went out
to farefax thay
caught to rebel scouts
thay seame to hav better
looke then we do thay
gow out stronger handed
then we do as thay
are nearer the rebel lines
then wee It seames to
be the general openion
that this ware will be
setled by two monthes that time
It will be a day long
to be remembered when
it comes giv my
best respects to all
the folkes tell them wee
are all well no more
at present from your
affectionate Husband
William . Band to his
wife Mary. ann. Band
[page 5]
Feb 23. 18.62
you say the olde
man wantes to know
how James Arder made
out he was broke that
is he was brought from
a corprel to a privete
he was broke unrenseble
as the orderley sargen
charged him with being
drunk he was not
drunk thoe he had
sum licquer Tim giv
him to much back
talk more then he
should hav done
Ned crouther gote a
pass to wasintone the
other day so that
he like to got
broke to as he was
as drunk as he could
be he was put under
arest fore to ore thre days
[page 6]
Sillwell was hear
to day he sendes his
best respeces to them
all he sent his muney
home by adems express
he has got no answer
from it he wantes
you to see his wife
and let me no weather
she got it ore not
tel her to wrighte
to him
you seam to be
uneaseay be times
keepe your spiretes up
I think we will be home
before long every
thing looks favorable
let me know howe
your watch is runing

  1. Patriotic illustration at the top
February 23, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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From Note: 
camp Marcy


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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