April 24 1862
Camp near york town
you ast me to sende
you some flowers i would
dearley love to do so
but thay are scarce
about hear as everey
thing has gon to riun ruen
in verginnia
Dear wife i hav just
receved your kinde letter
dated the 20 April and was
glad to hear from you
i am sorey you are so
unwell we put easter
in hear verey purley as
it was wett hear
you want mee to send
you some of my hair I
got my hair cut yesterday
so i will be as much
as i can do to sende you some
[page 2]
Camp winfeld scott
April 25 1862
six 6 oclock morning
everey thing is quiet about
the same as usuel guns
are constantley bumming
i se no sine of being
pade yet
i would like to know
how you make out
fore money
the phildelphia enquirer
comes out hear everey day
now but money is scarse
hear we hav to pay
ten 10 cents per paper
I must close good by

Isaac wiles got kict the
other day on the leg
it was a verey bad
kick as he is verey lame
yet keepe this to your
self as he dos not want
his father to know
[page 3]
I got your paper envlop
i will by some in a day
ore two of[f] the sutler you must giv them men my best
wishes fore working your garden
i would like to se it verey
much if it was in my power
you seame to think that
we shall hav harde worke
hear we may ore we may
not we will finde that out
before long i ashure you
penslvania boys will giv
a good acount of them
selves in this fight

from your affecnate
Husband William Band
to his wife M A Band
[page 4]
[last page of a letter from Mary Ann]
nise and I could enjoy my selfe
so well if you ware home
but I hope you will be spard
to come back and then our
meeting will be a good one I
think I cane never let you leve
me a gain we have just got
a report that the merrmac
as been took I hop it will be
true and now I must close
so good night and God bless
you and protect you I remain
your affectionate Wife Mary
A Band

do you want aney [?????]
tell William Cambell to write
to his Mother she is verey unesey

[1] the males comes pretey
regler now I wil
Ainde my money the
first chance when git
i it ore if i get it

  1. Start of William’s writing
April 24, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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