Williams Burg May the 7

Dear wife sisters
and Brothers I take this opertunety
of wrighting a few lines to you
hoping thay will finde you
all well as this leaves us all
at present I receved your kinde
letter dated the 29 and was glad
to hear from you i expect our
anna has got that letter in
wich i tolde her that i had
got your letter of the 29 inst
you will hav sean and heard that
we lift camp winfeald scott
on sunday morning By the
inquirer the reporter stopes in
our rigment he travles withe
it to so that you will get
nearley all the news concerning
our rigment it made quite a
stur when the news came in camp
on sunday morning that the
rebles had left yorke town
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Some beleved it and some would
not beleve it it was not
no more than i expected
It was not long after the news
came in camp till we got
orders to get readey to move
with two days
rashans in our haversakes
we then started in the directions
of yorke town we got opeset
the rebles workes when we got
orders to halt our men was
then exeming thare workes we
had to go along slow fore
fear that the rebles might
hav a trap set fore our men
thay had torpetos [1] set in the
rode thay did not do much
dameage thare was onley tow ore
three of theme that bursted
thay kiled eight oare ten of our
men by them infernel mashenes
we then proceded out on the
yorke town rode i can not giv
aney discripshon the town as we
did not go thrue it we
turned to the left of the town
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on Sunday after noone our men
encountered some of the enemey
in the woodes but our cannon
was fetched up and fired severel
times but the rebles left it
was geting darke so we put up
thare all night we had to stand
by our horses all night fore
fear that the rebles might come
on us in the night it was
a miserable night as it commen
raning and we are wet thrue
before it quit we started next
morning but we did not go
far before we came across
a nother batterey our infintrey
was throne out it was not
long before the fight commenced
it grew warme our artilrey
and infintrey had more than
thay could well manage our
men suferd verey severe in the
morning but the rebles sufered
in the after noone our reinforse
mentes came in the after noone
so it releved our tired men
[page 4]
it was a harde fought batle
our men was tired and worne
out being wet to the skin our
artilrey could not be worked
verey well as the rodes ware in a
miserable condishion the fight lasted
all day but the rebles left in
the night so we started of agane
next morning and fetched up
in williams burg ware we are
now incamped we had a god
chance of seeing how the fight
was going on as we ware backe
ware thay had to fetch thare wounded
some with thare legs bloan off
and some with thare ames of
nerley everey house in this town
has some rebles wounded in it
it is a preety nice town it is
nearley as large as chester it
is a seceesh town thare is none
of our boys hurt from upland
that i know of capten grub comp
was in the fight i do not know
weath aney was hurte i do not know
how i will sende this letter
from your affectnate Husband
[2] William Band

  1. torpedoes
  2. Added at top of page
May 7, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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