New Kent corte
House va may 19 1862
Dear wife
sisters and Brother
I take this opertuney
of writing a few
lines to you hoping
thay will finde you
all well as thay leave
us all at present
I receved your kinde
and welcome letter date 13 and
was glad to hear
frome you I receved
Mrs Stillwell letter
Both this morning
I should hav wrote
to you yesterday sundy
But we mooved to
kent we that is our
squadron kept on
[page 2]
and went out scouting
we went out twelve
ore fifteene mile it
was geting late in
the after noone when
our men came across
the rebel pickets thay
fired severel shotes at
our men our men
returned the fire
preteley briskley but
the rebles ceased firing
we think thay left
our men could not
cross the creek as the
rebles had blown up
the bridge we then
returned too our
camp it was a long
ride thirty ore forty
mile we did not
want roching as it
was late when we
got back
[page 3]
we ware about twenty
mil of richmond kent
is caled thirty mile
from richmond the miles
hear are verey long
our infintrey pickets
ware three mile from
the rebel pickets last
night that is on the
rode ware we ware
but thay closer on
some of the reste the
roades i expect we
shall moove some
time to day the
rodes are verey bad
everey thing is gowing
one verey well
I got your letter
dated the 5 it was delad
severel days Bill
Campbell got his
mothers letter
[page 4]
I got them two
papers you sent
I must bring my
letter to a close
or i want to get
it maled this morning
I will see stillwell
to day if i can
I will speeke of
him in my next
letter I will write
in day ore tow
you must giv
my best respectes
to all we are all
well from your
affectnate Husband
and Brother
William Band
[page 5]
[1] Dear wife
i did not
get my letter
posted this
morning i was
to late with
it we mooved
this morning five miles
neader richmond some
say that we shall stay
hear severel days but
time alone will tell
i would rather push
on fore richmond
some of the offecers says
that thare will not be
aney fighting as thay
are leaving richmond
thare was quite a stir
in camp this morning
was caused by to rebles
[page 6]
offecers thay came in
withe a flag of truthe
thay ware blinde
folded it was quite
a curesetey [2] to see theme
led about with a
wite hankercheef over
there eyes thay had
thar arms on that is
thar saber and pistol
Im glad to hear that
Heugh Rea is giting
solders fore the cuntrey
I hav not sean still
well yet i do not
know what the reasone
that he neglects his wife
i can not giv aney acount
fore it i am glad to
hear that the fiftey 58 eight
is in norefolke let them
do something fore thare
[page 3]
you say that you
ware looking over the
list of wounded in our
rigment thare was not
one that i knew of onley
one ordley bugler that
got kiled he was with
general carney some of
our boys was up to
see ruben dransfeald last
sunday we had quite
a wet day to day thare
sems to be a good deele
of wet weather hear
I hav not seane a cotton
fealde since i came in
verginnia thay uste to
grow cotten hear but
thay are growing corne
and whete but thare
is a good deal gowing
to waste the fences are
all burnte by the troopes
[page 4]
tuesday may the 20 1862
it is a buteful morning
all is quiet and
well no more at
present from you
affectinate Husband
William Band
To his wife
M A Band

I receved our
annas letter date
th 9 may at [??]
[???] church

  1. Patriotic illustration in upper left corner
  2. Curiosity
May 19, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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