Wednesday August 26

Camp Near
Sulpher Springs . VA

My Dear Wife
sisters & Borthers I
take this opportunity
of writing A fiw lines
to you hoping thay
will find you all well
as thay leave us At
Present I receved a letter
from you dated august 10th
also a paper dated 14th augs
your letter was nine
days on the road so
that you may se that
I am not geting your
letters very regeler I
did expect one By this
[page 2]
you will see by
my last two letters
that we ware incamped
near warrenton some eight
ore ten days and while
thair we got Paid
we ware dowing Picket
duty beyond warrengton
we ware on Pickit
some four days while
while on Picket we
lost one Lieutenant 1 and
three 3 men gobled up
by the Rebels three others
got away without thair
horses by taking to the
woods we are now
incamped one mile 1 south
of the Rappahanick our
south of sulpher springs
in the same woods we
left some few days agow
[page 3]
this will make thre
letters i hav wrote
to you within ten
days i hope you have
got them before this
time I sent you
fifty $50 dollers by Adems
express I hope you hav
got it we hav not
receved no receates from
it yet it was sint
in by the Paymaster
so that i do not no what
to make of it
I wrote and Posted my
last letter on the 19th augst
same day i receved one
from you dated august 10th
i hav not had none
since we had quiet a
nice rain last night
it is very cule after it
feels like faull coming on
[page 4]
Near warrington VA august 26
six 6 o clock Dear wife
before i finshed my letter
this morning we got orders
to moove so that we are
now in our old camp
one mile 1 from warrengton city
we left hear last monday
two days agow so that
we did not injoy our
old camp up thair long
it is eight 8 miles from hear
giv my loov and
respects to all th
folks your Affectnate
William Band
To his Wife
M A Band
we have good news from
sumter I will post this
in the morning
[page 5]
[1] Sulphor Springs. VA
August 26 1863
My Dear wife
you ask me has oram
Gregg joined the Regimet
he has he joined us
some few weeks agow
while we whair in
camp at Amissvill
I then ast him if he had
heard from home he said
he had not hav you
wrote home latley I
hav not way do you
not write I dont know
[page 6]
so i left it drop at
that till I receved your
last letter I then ast
him again if he had
heard from home he had
not whay do you not
write becase father dos
not write to me he
dos not know whaer
you are i do not
cair i wont write
He sais his father thredned
that he would not
write to him I afered
to lend him paper pen
and ink But he would
not hear to it tell
his father to write
and i think all will
come well
[page 7]
Tell his father he
is well I beleave
he has all ore nearly
all of his money yet
I sean parte of it
last night with him
Giv my respects
to him Mr Gregg
excuse these miseably
lines it is now
So good night

  1. Patriotic illustration in upper left
August 26, 1863


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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