Winchester Vir June the 21 1861
Dear Sis Loulie
I reseived
your kind and more than welcon letter
afue days ago sis you have now Ider how
Much pleasure it affords me to reseive a
letter from you I reseived Two letters from
home the same day that I reseived yours
one from Mother and one from sis Fannie
we left Harpers Ferry last Saturdy before
we left General Johnson had the armery
yard Burnt up a also two of the rail
road Bridges Blone up and the railroad
set on fire their was some fine Houses
burnt up we then reseaved Marching
orders and we nue not whair we had to go
we came thrue Charlstown whair old
John Brown was hung then we gut the
nues that the Enimy was in Bunkers hill
we then turned and went thair and
Mondy Morning the Nues cam that the
Enimy was in five miles of us and
still marching to wards us we them form
ed a line of batle and stade thair until
twelve and the Enimy did not come conel
[page 2]
Falkner permted Bregerder Gener
al he told them that he would act as Gener
al if they fought but he did not want
to give up his own men he sais that he thin
ks that he can get off it is given up that
Conel Falkner Regiment is the Best
conducted regiment in Virginia sis thier air
some of the Pretest Lades and the Best
Lades hear that I ever saw and the Cleverest
I went down in town yestidy Eavning and
their was ayoung lady Cam our and asked
three of us to go in and take super with
hur we Excepted the proposition and went
in and they had avery fine super the only
one that I had sence I left home we get
aplenty off Beef and Bread and Coffy we
get Bakon about once aweak for a desert
sis I difer with you about fiting I [t]hink
that we will have to fite sis I volintered
for twelve months and I think if I get
thrue this Campain I will not volinter
for some time again Now one has now
Ider what a volenturer has to go thrue their
air some such talk that the second and
Eleventh Regiment had to go to Memp
his next Fall to gard the Mississippi River
but I dont now how true it is I am
[page 3]
in hops that we will go for I dont
think that we can stand the winter hear
I reseived a letter from Brother James afue
days ago he was at Randolph Tenn he
said that he had to wrok very hard but
I dont think that he has to work any har
der than I do though I guess it seames har
der on him because he has not worked
in some time we have to Drill One
ower before Breakfust we go on Battaliun Drill
we go on Battalion Drill two owers and a hal
f more and then we have to go on Dre
ss prade in all it makes about seven owers
that we have to Drill and do ower own
Coocking that takes up about all of the
time their was aman gut shot last nite
his gun was loded and he pooled his
caturge box of[f] and thrue it down and it
struck the lock of his gun and went
off and shot him thrue the sholder
I never heard aman holler sow in my
life their air about five Hundred of
this regiment sick out of aleven Hun
dred mostly the measels their have bin
several deaths in the regiment sis I want
[page 4]
you and sis Hattie to rite often for
I cant rite any more for I am our of
money and paper and and we dont
draw any money only once evry three mon
ths I have rote to Par for some money
but I have not reseaved a ansur yet
Give my Love to Miss Kate Harmen their
air the Best Craps of wheat in this
Cuntry that I ever saw the farmers rase
Mostly Wheat and Corn and Clover in this
Cuntry we air Camped in a butiful Grove
about one mile from Town it is the pretest
one that I ever saw one
of the soldiers maried day before yest
idy he was a Mississippin in he Bel
onged to the Eleventh Regiment
Their air about Twenty Five Thousand
soldiers hear that is stationed around
this plase sis I wish that you could have
bin hear yestidy to seen me wash
I rubed all of the skin off of my
nuckels and then dident get my Close
Clean I think that I will be a good
Coock aginst I get home I must Bring
my letter to a close Give my love to
all in quiring friends and you dear
sis reseave a doble propotion your self
Kiss my little neffue and neases for me
T W Buford

June 21, 1861


Name Variant: 
"Thomas W. Buford"
Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
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