Richmond Virginia
July 25 1861
S. H. Clark Esq
Dear Sir
It is my duty to
communcate the sad intelligence
that my youn girend Junius
L. Meek was killed in the battle
near Manassa on last Sunday
He fell nobly, fighting bravely
after he had been wounded by
three balls and finally sunk
under the accumulated injuries
of seven balls in his person.
His conduct was heroic and
won the admiration of his com-
rades in arms. I mourn his
death but his name and memory
will be enshrined in our hearts
[page 2]
and I am confident he died in
the maintenance of the cause
nearest his heart. An account
of his being killed has been fur-
nished me by two persons, one of
them members of the “University
Greys” to which company he belonged
and though they did not know
his full name and I have not
yet seen an official list of the
Killed I have no doubt but Junius
Meek was the unfortunate one of
that name who fell a victim
to his countrys cuase and
I have therefore written of it to
you so as that you may communi
cate it in the best way you think
proper to his family, avoiding if
possible the shock to his mother
of sudden and unexpected bad
news. I did not hear of his death
[page 3]
(tho I had made inquiry) until today
, too late to uncover his corpse and
send it home. The “Minute Men
of Attala” were unharmed in the
battle. The achieved a great victo-
ry Our newspapers have not exagera-
ted it. I t was a complete defeat
and route & capture of the outfit
of the enemy, who had calculated
on a triumph there & direct march
to Richmond. Genl Scott has lost
one battle. His prestige is gone.
Our star is in the ascendant.
What will the world think of a Country whose
President delivers his message to Congress
on Saturday & on Sunday is at a
great battle 150 miles from the Capital;
Thank God for such a leader & such a
people – My ink is bad & I cant write
in a good humor – In hast Your friend
J. A. P. Campbell

  1. Junius Meek (b. ca. 1839) enlisted in the “University Grays,” Co. A, 11th Mississippi Infantry in May 1861. His company was made up of students at the University of Mississippi. He was killed at First Manassas on July 21, 1861.
July 25, 1861


Co. K, 40th Mississippi Infantry
Captain (to Lieutenant Colonel)
Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


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May, 2014
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