Camp Jones the
Manassas Junction Aug 27 1861
Mrs. L.. Clark
dear Sis I have
Just reseaved your letter and
was glad to hear from you I
hve riten you two letters sen
ce the battle thinking purhaps
that you would not get the
first and would be uneasy a
bout me after the battle I
had the fever and I gut well
and then I was taken down
with the measels and have Just
gut over them I am weak yet
but I am out of all danger
I think when we left winchester
we left in the eavning and
marched all nite and the next
day about ten oclock we gut to
[page 2]
the shanadi River we wair all
very tired and we toock Breakfa
st their and then we wair
ordered to fall in line and we
marched a cross the River it
was about two hundred yards
wide we all gut wet then we
marched to a small plase on the
rail rode I forgot the name of
the depo we gut their at dusk
and before we had time
to get our blankets our of
the waggons we all gut very
wet and then we wair
sow tired that we spred
our blankets on the ground
and lade down and toock
a nap of sleep we slep two
owers and then we wair order
ed to fall in line we ma
rched down to the depow and
[page 3]
had to stay their until
day light before we could git
on the cars then we went
to Manassas and stade their
until twelve then we
marched our about two miles
then we struck Camp
and stade their until the
next morning we had Just
gut thrue Breakfust when
the cannans Commenced
firing then we wair ordered
to role up our blankets and
put our bread and meat in
our haver sacks and fall in
line then we marched up
bull run about six miles
before we gut in the fite
we had to double quick
half of the way and we thrue
our Coats and blankets a way
[page 4]
I gut very tired and suffer
ed a great deal for watter
sis I am satis fide with
fiting if the yankes air
for their is not a bit of fun
in fiting the bum shels
and Cannan balls and grape
shot and bullets whiseld
all around me they fell
around me as thick as hale
I tell you it was pretty
squally times I thought
evry minet that I would get
Kiled sis I saw Frank Pope
a fue days ago he is well and
told me to give you his best
respects I was surprised when
I saw Charly Gastan yestidy
I never gut to speek to him
he was drilling he and Frank Pope
belongs to the Eleventh Regiment
sevril of the Bufords belongs to
that Regiment they air from
Collige hill

August 27, 1861


Name Variant: 
"Thomas W. Buford"
Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
Proof Date: 

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