Camp Persimon in site of the Potomac
22 the Oct 1861
Mrs.. L.. Clarck
Dear sister it is with
great pleasure that I seat myself to
rite you a fue lines your verry kind
and more than welcom letter came to
hand last sundy Mr young maled it at
Manassa Junction the bundel that you
sent me is there I do not know
when I will have a chance to get it
sis you speak in your letter about my
bad spelling and you said for mee not
to get mulish I am fair from it I
take it as a faver I know that I never
take panes a nough I alwais rite in
a hurry I am sorry that you have had
sow much sickness in your family though
I am in hops that they have all recovered
before this reaches you I am inhopes that
Brother M has gut home before now
ss we air in site of the Potomac
we can see the war vessels verry plane
they have bin fyering on ower Bateres
for a weak or more but they have
never dun any dammage yet ower
[page 2]
men toock two shipas last Fridy one
loaded with wood and the other with
Hay and bacan some think that we
will have a fite hear but I dont
think sow ower bateres will open
on them in a fue days the infant
ry is plast hear to gard the baters
the yankes air a fread two land on
this side of the Potomac sis we moo
ved two this plase yestidy the Plase
that we left yestidy is a butiful
plase we stade at Camp Fisher a
bout one month we air about Twenty
five miles from Manassa Junction
though that is ower post offis yet
the health of the Regiment is better
than it has bin sence we left corrin
th sis you spoke in your letter a bout
my Being temperit sis I have the
pleasure of informing you that I am
temperet in all things I have never had
but one cross aginst me and that was
for not going to cheurch I was down at
the creak bathing and did not get
back in time sis I am verry much able
ached to you for the things that you
sent mee I reseaved a letter from
Brother Jim a fue days ago he was
[page 3]
well he is at columbus Ky I reseaved
one from mother and sis Fanny the letter
was one Month on the road they wair
all well at that time tell Fanny
to answer my letter sis ower time will
bee half our in one weak I must bring
this unistred letter to a close rite
son and oftin give my love to Brother
sy and the ballence of the famly
Kiss my neffues and neeces for me and you
reseave a doble propotion your self
Direct your letters to Manassa Junction

October 22, 1861


Name Variant: 
"Thomas W. Buford"
Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


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From Municipality: 


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
Proof Date: 

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