Camp Fisher Febuary the 23 1862
Mrs..L..Clark & Miss..F..Buford
Dear sisters
I reseaved your verry kind letter a fue
days a go you Cant a magen the ple
asure it givs me to reseave a letter from
you both we get mail evry other day
our mess is taking the dayler Richman
Examiner which givs us the northen nuse
I reseaved the paper you send me I had
seen the letter you marked out for me
to read I gess you have heard some time
sence that the yankes have taken Fort
Dollison with the loss of a great menny
men the report is they Kiled two thous
and five hundred of our men and our
men kiled six thousand of them if
that bee the correct stament they
cant cound that a great victry they
could reinforse faster than we could
they over powered us and that is
the only way they can whip us but
thank god we never will stay whiped
their was one hundred and fifty
men taken the furlow they have
bin gon home Two weaks I had
come to the conclusion not to take
the furlow before I reseaved your
letters my notion is to stay hear
until my time is out then if I see
that I am neaded I will stay a while
longer when I go home I expect to
Joyn a calvry Company I expect to
offer my survis to the sothern
[page 2]
Confedracy as long as I will bee neade
d I think my survis will bee neaded
near home you have now Ider the
fealing I had when the nuse came
that the yankes had persesion of
the Charston and memphis rail
road and they wair marching to
wards Corrinth it created a great
deal excitment in Camps it is
my opinion that nearly evry man
will inlist agin as soon as
they go home and recrute up a littel
I once plased my self before the yankes
as a target and I expect to do sow a
gin we air expecting a fite hear evry
day their was a order to discharge evry
man that was not able to march
and send all the surples guns off
though it is my opinion that we
will not fite until we have bet
ter weather than we have had we
have snow or rane evry day we have
had nine snows this winter and any
a mount of rain the health of the reg
iment is verry good at this time I heard
from mother yestidy she was sick
Bob Henderson reseaved a letter Sam
morrison is dead Mr Henderson is
going to Moove down south
I gess you both will bee verry tired
of reding this letter sow I will cloce
rite soon and oftin give my love
to all inquiring frends and you
boath receave a doble proportion your selvs

February 23, 1862


Name Variant: 
"Thomas W. Buford"
Co. D, 2nd Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


Residence (County): 
Attala County, MS


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
Camp Fisher


To State: 
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
Proof Date: 

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