october the
23 1861
Dear Mother an sisters I
recieved your kind leter rote
the 20 it found me not vary
well i have bin complaining
evry sinc we come to this plase
I have the yelow ganders it
makes me as yellow as a punkin
an sick at my stumick you
know what the ganders is i am
in hops that it will war off
an I will get my helth agane
I was glad to her that you all
was well an a geting along so
well I am glad to her that
nuse but thar is one thing
that I want you all to gard
agane you must not expose your
selves in the cold an yu must
not werk your selvs to deth
thar is no use of that an as
for Mr henry newman you
can just pay him what you
his bill may be an let him
gow you have some money thar
[pages 2 and 3, the text is written across both pages]
an have no hard thats about it we must dwo as the god
book ses dwo good for the eval an when we come up before his
books the charg will not bee agane us we must kep our books
clar of charg an when we are brot up before the books we will
not have to stand at the gate a sh[i]vering with fer we must
dwo the best that we can i am in hops that the lord is with
you all an I think that he will permit us to get together onc
more on erth an if not in the werld we must try to meat
in the werld to come he smiles on us all day an night
an we must obay his calls I am in hops that we will soon
come home to se you all I wood like vary much to se you all
an have some talk with you an her Mr lock or the docter
preach I wish that docter cumptin cood se me an give me
some of his medsin for this complaint [abuv?] ma[?????]
I think that he cood help me I am as yellow as your
Safern that groes in the garden but I am in hope that it
will not last long I saw Daniel Abbott an woodfoot
lwarne this weak an woodf looks well but Dan looks
badly he is ageting the glanders i think his eyes looks
like he was a geting them thar ar a heap ageting them
in camp but I dwo not think that it is vary dangrus James
mathes has his fase weld on both sids vary much the docters
thinks that he has the mups I nust now rite something
elc you rite that you was A Making our cloth i am glad
to her that you know what we want as well as we
[page 4]
can tell you an if you can
send my boots down to me
I wood be glad an you must
make Me Jenkins make your
Shoes try an get unkel Daniel
heaston to get them for you
the lether is thar then I will
be in debt to him three dolers
I told him that when he made
your shooes I wood pay him an
not before I will rite a few
lines to my Der sisters I receive
your kind leter in dew time
I red it with great sadisfaction
I cood not help from sheding
ters when I red your letter
I thot that you had A hard
time of it you must not
werk so hard thay ar no use
of that you both must be good
girls an you will come out
Safe I rote cosen permelia Abb
A leter an I want to her from them
I must bing my few lines to A close
Nehemiha A to mother an sisters
[1] you must rite soon an
give me all the nuse
that you can fair well
[2] Direct your lters to Manasses Junction
un car of capt young

  1. Added upside down in top margin
  2. Added at top of pages 2 and 3
October 23, 1861


Co. K, 10th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Page County, VA


Name Variant: 
Mother of Nehemiah Atwood
Name Variant: 
Sister of Nehemiah Atwood


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
September, 2013
Proof Date: 

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