March the 16 1862
Dear Mother and sisters I rite this to Mary frances
and Jacob Bumgarner and all of my friends and relations
I will rite you A few lines to let you al know wher I
am I am in town we are at Culpeper Cort house
a wating for the regement the regement is about
ten miles below this plase and will is with them I
expect I am well and will was well the last
time I saw him we are A falling back but how far
I cannot tell you all must not bee Aferd I dwo not
think that the enemy will hurt eny of you and you
must not be scard the ofersers seas that page is the
saftes county in virginia and you must dwo the
best that you can I will try and come home as soon
as i can I think when we get in camp we can come home
for A few days I will try my best to come home you
can ask some person what wood be best to dwo you
can ask Doctor camtin and he can tell you what to
dwo but I dwo no expect that you know what I
mean you can ask him his advice I know that you
ar aferd to stay by your selvs but I duo not think
that thay will be eny danger
[page 2]
Mother and sisters you must not rite untill
you her from us I expect that we will start
in a few minnits and if we duo when we
stop I will let you know wher we are I look
for the reiment to day I have bin her two days
Mother and sisters Mary francis Jacob I
am A riting to you all this letter levs
me well and I am in hops when thay
come to hand thay may find you the same
try and bee as much composeed as you
can dwo not be afferd put out trust in
God and he will hep us thrue with out
troubles we must pray to him to help us
I put my Self in his hands and I dwo pray
that he will her my prars and help me
thrue with my trubles I must bring my few lines
to A close so no more but if we never meat in this world
I am in hops that we will meat in hevin wher
parting will be no mre thare will be no trubles
nor trials thar and I am A triing for that rode
and I am in hops I will meat you thare
Nehemiah Atwood To my Mother and sisters
[2] Duo not be A ferd but your trust in God
and he will help you [??] well

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March 16, 1862


Co. K, 10th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Page County, VA


Name Variant: 
Mother of Nehemiah Atwood
Name Variant: 
Sister of Nehemiah Atwood


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
September, 2014
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