Suspention Bridg
Fairfax Co va
August 6th 1861
Absent Friend
I once more rais my Pen
to Speak a few words to you though absent
as I received your very kind letter yesterday evening
which aforded me much Pleasure to here from
old Bedford Friends as receiving letters is the
greates earthly Pleasure I now injoy I will try and
answer your last as Mr Payn is going to leave here
to morrow for Cross R. I am destitute of news
for there has ben nothing a Stir Since the Battle [1]
which you have long Since herd all a bout
there is nothing doing and aint ben Since the 21 [2]
every thing Seams to be on a Stand oanly Soaldiers
Still is Coming in by Thousands a Statement of
last week at the Comisary department reports
Provisions drawn every day for 150 000 I expect by now
there is not less that 160 000 Soldiers in Ten miles
Square and I tell you we dont get any too much
to eat now for a few days back we did not get but one
meal per day and not half a one at that
[page 2]
but since that time we get Plenty we get Plenty of
new flower bacon Beef cofee and Sugar is what
we get and Some times a little meat but if we
get amy thing else we have it to Pay for dearly
Some of the Boys Steals and Some buies
O my friend Fannie I tell you this is an awful
wicked Regiment I do not believe there is a comishend
ofice that is a Professor and a bout half of them will
get tight if they could get the liquor. I cant see
how they Can do So for my Part for if I Should
do as Some of them does in the very first Battle
I would think that the first Ball would kill me
I Cant tell how they Can have the face to act So
wickedly I think that we have be So highly
facored through gods mercy in all of our Proceedings
Both in camp and on the field that we ought
to be very thankeful that we yet exist
I have once more gained my Strenth and become
very hearty a gain able to discharge all Camp
dewties there is but one thin I hait to do and that
is Cooking I do not like to Cook if we was fixed for it
I would not mind it but we have nothing that
is fit for the Purpose we had a few things before
the Battle but lossed all of them then
[page 3]
thoug I have no right to complain for I find all
things actualy better than I expected
though I have ben smartly aflicted since in Came [3]
but I feel that it has caused me to be more faithful
than I would of ben had not those aflictions ben
Sent upon me I am just fo your opinion in the
language of Inspiration we have a Splendid Camp
here though water is little unhandy but very good
I cant tell how long I will Stay here not lon though
I dont expect I tell you the weather is awful hot
here now I think a great dele hoter than it is in Bedford
though it is very low and level there is no fresh
mountain Brees here nothing but the Schorching
lavance dazeling before our eyes
I dont think I would like to live in eastern va
it Seams to be very Poor land here except in Some
few places I would like to visit old Bedford now
and see all my friends but I dont expect that I will
have the Privalege of doing so I hope that Peace will
Soon be maid and we all return to our homes and
friends with Peace in our mouth under the
flag of Suthern Indipendance as a noble and
honest People want nothing but our own and
that we will have or die on the fiel in the good Caus
[page 4]
I hope we will Soon return hom Singing Praises
to Boreguard and Davis I will brin my uninteresting
letter to a close as I have allredy roat more than
will be notist Mr C M Calvert sends his love to you
and Severel others too tedious to mention give my love
to all who may See Proper but I believe I have a letter
for Severel I will Send Eliza one Sarah and Betties [?] N
and Sever others I want to hear from all the folkes
for I Cant see them and dont know wether I ever will
a gain or not I will now bid you farewell hoping to
have Cheeromg news from you ocasionaly and the
good will of all Please write Soon Direct as before
your Soldier Friend
Jacob .P. Moomaw

  1. First Bull Run
  2. July 21
  3. Came = camp?
August 6, 1861


Co. D, 28th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, VA


Name Variant: 
“Absent Friend”


From State: 
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2016
Proof Date: 

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