Fairfx Court House
October 5th 1861
Kind Friend
It has ben some time since
I have write to you so I will now try and
Speake a few word to you by the means of
the pen I would of writen long before now but I
have ben deprived of the privalige owing
to the fact we have ne roving for the last
too or three weekes from Place to Place so that
I had no chnace what ever we have had
tolerable ruff times for som weeks but
every thin seams more still and steady tha[?]
a few days ago we have had no fight Poticlar
except the pickets they have a little Scrape
every few days but it dont a mount to
much after all we was in advanc 8 days
I Saw as many of the Scoundrels as I wanted to
Our orders was not to shoot and they was very
bold and within 150 yards of us in plain
view ant holow at us and tell us to meet them
half way and take a talk but it was a gainst
our orders they was nice looking men and
neatly dressed and sayed they farde well
but have hard work to do all the time
[page 2]
we have now fell back from there a bout 4
miles being Munsons Hill they are now 6 miles
below here and I expect that we will fall
back further yet though I cant tell for we
Cant hear as much here as you all can there
we now have orders to be ready at moments warnin[g]
to march I cant tell wjer to for when we start
any place we dont know where we ar going till we
get there that Rainy wether was hard on us when
we was out with out our tents but I have got so
I like the life and if it was not for fighting I
believe I would neve be nothing else but a Soldier
we hear a great many reports here but I have
got so I believe nothing I hear and not half I
See but I saw Jef Davis Bureguard and Johnson
at least they sayed it was them we was Cauled
out on the side of the road for Jef to take a visit
of his army at the place all the Boys seams to
be in fine Sperits the Captain has got home a
gain and Lieutenant Huddleston will leave
Camp in a few days for Richmond and home
I recken my time will come next as all the
oficers has ben home and a great many of the privets
I would like very much to come home a bout
the last of the month but I hardly expect
to get home befor next Spring
[page 3]
Some of our boys is sick but non bad or
dangerous I am quite well and hearty as I ever was
in my life and all of the army in general
it seams like th C[or?]lemans fails worse than
any others and a great many of them has died
but the [vans?] Stands it better than I expected
there is but very few deaths here now
all of the Sick was moved from here the other
day to Lynchburg a mong them was Henry
Franklin J.S.A Haris was all that went from
our Co that I know of. you must tell Sallie
that I recken it is not with while for me to
write to her for She will take up all of her time
writing to John for I herd that it hurt him awfuly
to leave and I think that he will get sick directly
and come back I will try and write her a lette
in a few days and see if she will wright any more
Cal says he is going to wright some but he is such
a liar I cant tell wether he is or not I dont feel
like writing to day and there fore I cant
write at all there is no news of importance
I am almost Shamed to send you back a letter
but you must excuse me this time and I will
try and do better next time if I can I dont
know wether I can or not. I must close for
the Presant By sying that I am well
[page 4]
hoping you all the same blessing give my love
to all inquiring friends if there be any and receive
a diew Portion you self tell Eliza that I will
write to her as soon as I can get time you must
write soon and give me all the news both good
and bad for I would be glad to here from
you oftaner Please write soon for I want to hear
from bedford oftain Farewell for the Presant

Yours as ever True Friend
J. P. M.....

Direct To Fairfax Court House
Faurfax County

October 5, 1861


Co. D, 28th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, VA


Name Variant: 
“Kind Friend”


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2016
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