State if Miss Harison [1]
Camp Dal Green [2] Sep the 3rd
Dear loving Wife I Seat
my self this morning to
inform you that I received
your letter yesterday
dated Sep the 1 which
give me grate Satisfaction
to hear that you and the
rest was well I am well
at this ime but Brit [3] and
henry is not well Brit has
got a very cold Henry
has got a hurting in his
stomoch and has bin very
bad but he is better I was
sory to hear of mr Bullock
and bentons death and you
said Sarian Prices chi[l]d
was dead but did not say
which Sarian Price it was
[page 2]
I was glad to hear of
you living at home and
Bil and Til [4] living with
you we have a good eal
of Sicknes in our camp
tel Bill that henry is very
bad Sick and has bin for
three days he has got the
dioreer and a hurting in his
Stumach I have not eat
a mouthful of cornbread
since I have bin here we have
a little fl[o]wer and this
droted infurnel oald bul cod
bred we have not got out
blankets and guns yet I
will come home I think in
a bout a month from now
I will come just as soon as
I can I want to see you and all
rest very bad So write to
me soon as you git this letter
and I will Close So
[page 3]
Good by I remain
your affectionate husban
until Death Z M P
to Sarah Price
Dear brother in law
you wanted no how to
git her [5] if you want
to Come by Steam
you wil come to orleans
and the inquire for the
ponchetrain railroad and
where you land off of hit you
wil take the steam boat
and come rite here we have
not seen ary yankee yet and
I dont think we ever will
here I think we will all come
home before long I would
like to have a pone of
corn bread
So write to me
so[o]n how you are all giting
along so I remain yours
[page 4]
Bill you must
rite I have not got
time to write to [mow?] [now?]
for I have to go on
gard to day so dont
consider your self
not slited
write soon
tell Dan Thomas
is we an have bin
so far

  1. Harrison County
  2. Camp Dahlgren
  3. Sgt. Britton Hall of Co. B, 7th MS Inf.
  4. William Herrington and Matilda Hall
  5. her = here
September 3, 1861


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


From State: 
From County: 
From Note: 
Camp Dahlgren


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

M. Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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