Passchristian December the 6th
Dear Wife once
more I seat my self in the gratest
of plesure to inform you
that I am enjoying some of the
best of helth or as good as I
ever had in my life I truly
hope those few lines may find
you enjoying the same like blessings
and all so all the connection

Dear Companion I have nothing
of importence to say to you
more than I want to hear
from you very bad and want
to see you a heap worse I am
a looking for a letter from you
tomorro & from Stephen Sasser
Aand I hope I will hear that
you are well and doing well
I rote to you that we mite
have to leave here and go north
but they say now we will
not go before Spring ef we do
then and I am glad of it for
we would freze I expect for
we It is worm down here I
have not seen any frost here
yet And it is very cool in the
north even up at home it is
freezing wether now I expect
I started a letter to you
last Saturday by male But
I dont no whether you got it or not
[page 2]
Dear wife and affectionat
bosom and lovely companion
I have receved a letter just now
from Steve which I was truly
and hapy to find in your letter
that you was well and to hear
your foot was a giting better
he brought me some meal [1] and
I am very glad of it for
I am tired of flour I can make
as nice biscits as you can but
I mortally want to git a
chance for somebody a bout like
Sally to make them for me
Tel til I whish her
her baby had a bin a boy
so she could a named it
after me but tel her the I
like the Sarah part very well
but the manervyann [2] part
is not purty tel Polly I
want to no how my little
Monroe boy is a giting
a long for I have not
heard no from him in
a long time
you said you
wanted to no what I had
quit riteing to you for
I think I write as to you
as offten as you do to me
I have rote a letter to very
near every week since I
have bin here for I love to rite
to you
[page 3]
Now for it you said
I had no excuse to keep
from coming home only a
fulo which I hant not but
I tried to git one this week
to start to day but too many
had got a head of me the
Captin told me I mite come
when Brit comes and he
says he is not a coming
tel the first of January
I would like to come before
then But that ant long
to wait it is just twenty
four days from to day
you may look for me about
the 5 day of next month
So I must come to a close
rite soon and offtin Shivers
Said that Jap was a coming
to join our company tel
him ef he can Stay he had
better do it for he nose
nothing about how bad Soldiering is
tho and what he has to
under go though ef he is
a coming tel him the captin
says he wont have any body
after the middle of next
month so I remain your
lovely and affectionate Monroe
in until deth So good by
for this time
Z. M. Price to Sarah Price
[page 4]
A few words to bill
bill you rote me that you
expected to go home as soon
as you could it appears
like you have become very
much dissatisfied about
something or other it surprised
me very much to hear of
it too for I was satisfied
that you was a going to
stay on my place tel I
come home so I would
like very well to no
what is the matter so
but if you want to [???]
I wont say no more a bout
it tel I find out what the
your resons is for it so
no more these lines leaves
me well and I hope they
will find you and all
well so goodby rite me and
I will answer your
letter Z M Price to
W J Herrington

  1. meal = cornmeal
  2. Minerva Ann
December 6, 1861


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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