Passcristan Miss January 24th 1862
Kind parents through
the goodness of divine providence
I am permitted to drop you a few lines
to let you now as much as in me is howgh
we are all a gitting a long through this
troublesom life
these lins leave me and brother Henry and
Monroe well the boys in ower compiny
is jenerly well as much so as they commonly
are tho there is not a day but what there
is some complainig a mong us
I have bin sick one day and Knight my self
cince I come down here it was cold that
I taken that causd it I recon
brother Henry is hartier then I every saw him
be fore he is as sivel as enny boy of his age
cold be expected and coms as ny a filing his
post as enny other one in camps
I truly hope these lins may come safe to
you and find you all well and doing as
well as we are in per potion I recon
we are a fairing as well or better than a most
enny other men in camps from what little
I have lernt but there is a grate differnce
[page 2]
in a camp life and a peasable and a
sivel home but dont under s[t]and from
this that I am dissatisfyed enny moer then
I wold like ef I cold spend what
few days I have to spend with my deare
be loved famly but I am willen to stand
my lot ef the lords will we will all
meet a gane on earth and ef not I have
a gloomy hope for the better after this
troublesum life is spent
I have no newse to right to you perticular
that wold interrest eny of you we are
fixin to moove over to shealsbure we will
go to Knight or in the mornig we
dont kno which the third redgment
is orderd back from Canetwokey [1] three
campinys of them got there this morning
they give [a pritty?] had a cownt of that
cuntry perticular a bout solders
faire they say in some places the mud
and water is half lag deap and a freesing
all the while
January the 26 1862
Kind Parents
as I did not send this
before we mooved I will state
to you we have got over to
[page 3]
Shieldsberrough the redgment
is all to gether at this tyme
tho from what I can find owt
we will hardly stay here long
tho we will hardly leave the cost
be fore spring of the yeare
they say the cawse of us moving
from plase to place is to ceep down
sickness thare is not much sickness
here at this tyme tho ower boys
is complaining right smart to day
being warred by mooving over here
we mooved a saturday Knight
so I must close my letter
brother Henry and Thos Hall and
Wm Price is taking of come home
but ef they dont come on this
boat you Need not to be a stonished
but they will come as soon as they
can tell uncle henry and ant polly an
that Wm and Simpson is well except
bad colds
I wold like mighty well to here
from you all I am lucking
earnstly for a letter so I want
you all to right to me when
you can

  1. Kentucky
January 24, 1862
Date Note: 
Letter started on January 24 and completed on January 26, 1862.


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Co. I, 2ndMississippi Infantry (Quinn’s)


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From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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