Shieldsburogh Feb: 5
kind Parents throug
the kind providence of
God I now seat my
self to drop you a
few lins those leave
me well Brother henry
is not well but he
is a mending but Slo
he has had the Chill
and fever ever sence
we mooved over here
Thomas is a complaing
to day but not bad
sick we have a rite
smart of sicness in
our company but non
dangerous at this time
and I hope wil not be
for I want us to be able to
[page 2]
meet the enemy when
the come on us
I hope these few lines
may find you all whell
well I havenot much
nuse to rite war times
appears to be very
still at this time but
I expect ef piece ant
mad before long there
will be a goodeal of
fighting a going on
we are now at Shieldsburough:
but how long we will
stay here I cannot
tel but we may stay
here the balance of our
time and we may not
stay her six weeks I hear talk of us a goen
to ky in the spring
Thomas got a letter
[page 3]
from uncle Thomas
Reeves about a week
a go he was well he said
he was in 35 miles of
about 100 and 30000
yankeys I would we
got a telegraph dispat-
ch: here this morning
that they had a battle
at bowlinggreen and
that is where uncle
Thom was when he
rote his letter to
we have a
battle here every night
with the musketoes they
are the worst enemy we
have here there is ten
thousand here to where
there is one up there
I want you
[page 4]
to rite to me all
about the times up
there and how you
are all a giting a long
I want to hear
from you mity
bad for I have not
heard from you
since I got back
rite where Sally
Stays and and She
is a getting a long
with her part of
this trublsome life
tel her I am well
and to rite to me an
do so your self tel
bud an leroy to rite
to me an I will rite to them
so good by for this time
Z M Price

February 5, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Co. I, 2ndMississippi Infantry (Quinn’s)


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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