Pontiatola [1] Febu 28 1862
Deare wife I
through the kind hand
of providence am permi
permited to drop you a
few lines
this leavs me well, and
I thank God for the [????]
hours. I am a doing as well
as I [could?] expect I have got
a plenty to eate so fare and
not a basting tho I am in good
hart but for the past
foure days I have grate
troubls and things that
I cold not bear to luck
at, we started from
the bay a tusday eavening
in hy spearits to go to
yankey dom but yesterday
morning about sonrise
[page 2]
we met with one blue
belly that was smart a
nuf to stop the redgment
it is to bad for me to
under take to tel the
full story [2] and I recon
you have heard the
princapal part of the
the damage
there was too Co of the red
gment badly slauterd I was
left to luck at some
of my oald acwantences
murderd and slawterd
up like the ware
our co los was not much
some little clothing was
lost. I a mong the rest
have to suffer some
loses I lost my cloth
ing all except what
I had on I allso lost
my big Knife
[page 3]
but that is not to
compeare with the [gasp?]
of life, there was not
but one man that lost
a drop of blud that was
Frank Cortny and he
was not hurt to [sav?]
eny thing like suffering
the men that was kild
of my acwantences was
F. M. Coglin and Steaphen
Reeves [3] and I [?]w and and hope
[???] owt of the [???]
H. Catt Capt P. B. Williams [4]
[Isaac?] Green Jorge Toms [5]
and several of others [??]
too tedias for me to
try to tel you all the
[??] I must wind up
my letter as I have
be fore said I am well
the connection is well
[page 4]
I [t]ruly hope you may
recieve this and kind
be found by it all
well and [Sep?] so I
can a shaer you
a greeable to reason
you are a doing well
I was glad to heare that
you had youre meat
saived and that you
thought you had a nuf
nuf to do now tell I come
home I have said to you
that I thought I wold
come home befoer long
I cant say now when I
will come I will whi[??] I
can ef not befoer when
my tyme is out you [sea?]
I have to quit T. J. Price to Lidia Price

  1. Ponchatoula, Louisiana
  2. On Feb. 27, 1862 the regiment was involved in a train wreck near Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Twenty-eight members of Companies H and K were killed or soon died of injuries.
  3. Pvts. Franklin M. Coglin and Stephen Reeves of Co. H
  4. Pvt. Henry Kitt, Capt. Parham B. Williams of Co. H
  5. Pvt. George Thombs
February 28, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


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December, 2013
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December, 2013

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