Corinth March the 24th AD 1862
Kind parents throu the
murcys of the ruleor of this troublesom life
I am permitted to drop you a few lines to
try to let you now hough we are a gitting
a long through this troublesom life
this leavs me and connection all on foot tho to say
well there is non of us that is
I have bin very puny for the last week tho I feel
a greateal better at this tyme than I have here to for
brother Henry is not well tho he is no wors off
than all of the rest or pritty much all of them
there is a heep of sickness here at this tyme tho
no contagies diseases only the mumps as I no of
you wanted to no whither hen had got harty or
not I think he is a bout as harty as he ever is only
he cant induer the fortegue as well as some
you said you wanted to no whither I cold tel you
eny thing a bout uncle Thos Reeves or not he is here
at this place some whears or a nother I supose he
is a bout three miles from where I am campt I saw
hime the day he landid here he said he was well tho he
had some sickness cince he had bin in camps he has had
the mumps and the janders thos he was a recruteing
up from them all I saw Martin Mook and
Hesaciah Woodall and severl moer of the boys that
I knew tho I was not with them menny minutes
for we have to go a cording to order and at that
tyme we had oure tents down to go some where
we did not no where and he had orders to stay right
where he was tho as it happend we only had to cross
the branch
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and put up oure tents a gane and he went
off about three miles and struck camps
so I have not sean him cince and I dont
no whither I cold find him or not ef I was to try
for there is moer men here than I every saw before
the are scatterd a round here for a bout thre miles
some tels me there is a bout one hondred thousand
campt here tho I dont now howgh meny
you said in youre letter that you wanted
to no what and wheare we was a going to and what
for my deare oald mother that is a question
you nead never to ask me for I never no wheare
we are a going nor what we are a going for, after
all is past then I can tel you, all wais When we
have to moove oure orders is to cook so much and
strike tents and when we stop and put up oure
tent a gane we no wheare we was to go to
tho we dont no what we are a going to do
it was talked that we wold go in to a battle in
a few ouers after we landid here tho we have not
bin engaged yet and I dont now whether we will or not
I dont no that I have sean a yank cince I have bin
here tho they are not very far off and I supose a large
host of them
So I must come to a close for this tyme give
my love and respects to all inquiering friends
and recieve a potion youre self
I hope this may come saif to hand and find you
all enjoying a reaseable potion of gods blessings
Thos J. Price to Willes Bowman Elizabeth Bowman

March 24, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Co. I, 2ndMississippi Infantry (Quinn’s)


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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