State of Miss Tisamingo Co. Corrinth
March the 24 AD 1862
Dear P Wife and Parents I
am now permitted to drop you a few
lines I can say that I am still mending my
cough is still holding on to me but I can talk
better than I did I am on gard to day and
to night and I am a fraid it will make me
worse I can say to you that I found them
the boys yesterday morning that was Sunday
after I started I am sory to say that
I found them very near all sick but
not many lying up they have a very bad colds
Brother Henry and Thomas has it but they are up the
most of the time a good eal of sickness is now
in canps I got a long with my trip very [luckey?]
I went to the grand junction and could not hear
where the boys was and I taken the memphis
and Corrinth R. Road and and come forty miles
east to Corrinth and inquired for them and
found out they had come here and hunted tel
I found them here they say there is about
ninety thousand troops stationd at this place
they are all around as far as I can see
they are expecting a battle [here?] every day
the say yanks is in ten miles [of?] us but
dont know how true it is Thomas Hall is
not very well tel John Burnes that
Francis is not very well the boys is all
Sick with colds it Snoed here yesterday
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I find it very cold wether up here
I dont no how long we will Stay here
but Sally Brit is complaining but he keep up
we have not drawed any money yet but
as soon as we draw any I will send some home
tha is no fine timber here all post oak and red
oak and blackjack the McNair Rifles is a bout
a mile and a half from here uncle Thomas was
well yesterday it is a mistake about Martin
Moak and the boys a bein lost
I most truly
hope ef this Should reach you it will find
you all a gaining your helth a gain or
enjoying good helth: there is never a moment
but what I can See more or less
Soldiers it looks like there is enough here
to kill all the yanks
the officers
Says we can come home the first
of may and ef we can I will be at
home Luck [1] after it So I must
close as dont heare much war talk
at this time you must rite to me
Soon as you git this letter I
remain your Most affectionate Son
and husband until deth direct
you letters to Corrinth Po Tisamingo
county Miss 7th Regt Miss vol: Z M Price
to Parents Wiff

  1. Luck = look
March 24, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Co. I, 2ndMississippi Infantry (Quinn’s)
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
December, 2013
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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