Corinth [??] Mis Tishomingo Co
March the 26 AD 1862
Deare wife through the goodness of Divine providence
I am permitted to drop you a few lines in order
to try to let you no hough I am a gitting
a long through this troublesom life
I can inform you that this leavs me tolerble
well only tho I feel a grateeal better than I have
for the past foer er five days I have bin able
to be on foot all the tyme tho I have had the
drowseyest and worst feeling that I ever had in my life
it is nothing moer than the ganders [1] that als me
oure brothers is all able to be up John Brister is
complaining tho not very bad sick there is moer
sick men here than I ever saw in my life
tho I dont think there is menny dangers cases
a mong us there was only twenty men ancerd
to there names yesterday morning and the roal
was not called this morning at all tho dont
understand the case to be wors than it is for
it is bad a nuf
There is a grate meny soldiers here at this
place tho what is to be don I cannot tel
we are a throwing up a breast work as ef they
was a going to fight and I am inclined to
think we will ef they yanks fools with us
because the most of us is commonely in the notion
I cannot under take to tel you eny war nuse
for I cannot tell you eny thing for the truth
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Monroe got back yesterday morning saif and sound
I was glad to heare from you all and to heare that
you was a doing as well as you was tho I was sory
to heare of the sickness among the connection
I wold like very well to sea you all tho it is
a little uncirtain when I will come that you
may no as well as I tho I stil think I will come
maby before long ef no other chance I think we
will whip the yanks out eny how so bad they will
have to rest a while
tel sister an that I wish here much joy tho
I cannot name here babe unless it had a bin a boy
but she might think I am a little too smart becaus
she did not ask me to name it tho she rought [2]
to Wm to name it and he said he had no name
for it and reather than it shall go with out
me and Bill has concluded to name it Fortune
so I must come to a close as I have no nuse
I truly hope this may come saif to you and
fin you all well an ef you are I can a shoer you
that you are a doing well ef you have hay and
homany on the table
I wold be glad to sea you and ower little babs
and I truly hope that we will be speard to meet on
earth a gain and ef we shold not so lucky be I
trust to God oure gide to be
so in words fairwell for a while
Thos. J. Price to Lydia Price
I have roat some letters that I am lucking to
be answerd

  1. ganders = janders, jaundice
  2. wrote
March 26, 1862


Co. B, 7th Mississippi
Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


Residence (County): 
Lawrence County, MS


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December, 2013
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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