1850 March 17th
dear sun I recevd leter leter
and was glad to hear that you was well and
in for med me of the laws of this land && but
did knot say one word a but lisy nor what you
was doo ing what is to giv me any cumfort of my
children at a far distance but to hear of thar helth
and what thay ar doo ing and ther prospects of geting
a long in this world and thar prspectes for that that
is to come giv me the times of the knews of
nighbourhood we ar all well at this time excepting my self
I hav bin poly for sum time the childran ar all will
John dont work with william he works at his trade
Edwin and william ar working in pardner ship this
year I hav a very purty crop of tobacco corn is worth
from $3 to 350 a barrel flower from $4.00 to 7.00
a barrel coffee 20¢ a pound bacon from 10¢ to 19¢
Mrs wosum foster is ded all so john boman is ded
he died the 29 of december and the old man ex
peting to die every day Elen stlair is married and gone
to masy cipy she married a tatom julet morrows is
to jimy glen and is to masy cipy Ben and william ar talken
of goin to nash vill this fall I wood know say to you
a [med?] all the cers of the world and the diffy cultys of
the same I wood say be a bible christian when all things
elce my [cu?] you that you may hav hav a home in glory
we did think when you was left that you wood of come
back and bring me lisy but from what you say you
never intend to come bac a gain well you know best wh
at to doo I think that you hav a notion of marring a
gain which be longs to nathure I hav a word to say
be curfull hoo and how you mary take cear of lisy
a word to the wise is a in season is a nugh I must con
clude by say I remain your afectnate farthar
tell deth right to often I shou like to hear from you
3 or 4 times a year and if I neve see you in this world
I trust that we shall meat in heaven no more to part
far well for it be the last time I right
to you in world deth is in the land } H.. Cosby
[written on back of sheet]
all so let me know how much you ode
to James Chappel he sais that you owed
him a balance be fore you bort that
last hundred pounds of bacon of him
let me know all a bout it rigt it plain that I may
under stan it & let me kno what has be come of smith
and his family and of the too towneses and old Mr bely my and famly
alburt Hilsmon is a canidate this spring
for the whig party and it is thort that he
will be a batled if not it will a whipping

I shood like to whether all the leters that I sent to you
will unkl Barmet livd was marked paid when thay com[?]
you drected to mark them pade or whether you had pay for them

March 17, 1850


Residence (County): 
Amelia County, VA



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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2009
Proof Date: 
February, 2009

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