Camp Harman 1 mile below
Aug 23rd [1861]
Dear Brother
we are still at the same Camp
where we were when You was down at the Juncion
I am sorry I did not bring you down to
Our Camp for their was several men got
their pass home and they come down any
how they said that they would not be put
off in that way If you ever come back again
Just come out to our Camp never ask for a
pass If you had not started back on the
morning train you could have came down
I was not halted untill I came down to
our Camp and theri they have nothing to
dow with citazens I came down in the Eave[ning?]
I am sorry you went to the trouble of comeing
down to the Manassas Junction and then you
not get down to our Campes
Last night their was a sort of a stir in camp
we was called out about 9 Oclock P M and
it Raining to Boot (the Inspector examined
our Guns and the ones that was loaded was
ordered to be shot off (I have no Idea when
their will be a Fight down here again we are
always kept in the dark about every thing
we dont know half as much news as youall
do (I heard that the Goverment had pressed
[page 2]
most all of the wagons in Rockbridge
have they pressed Pas wagon and Horses yet
write to me God only knows what is to
become of the Country if this war keeps
on for a while I for one wish that what
Fighting we are to do to do wright
away and let us have peace if their is
Such a thing as peace to be hereafter
Them Apples and Peaches comes in very good
we have been making Pies off them and
I do wish you could taste them I think
they are most as good as any woman can
make if I have to say it myself
It has been Raining down here the most of
the time sience you were down it is very
wet indeed If you all are as wet up their
You cant do much at Plowing
Philip I wish you would get william Shaw
to make me a pair of heavey wade [1] bottoms
Bootes I put Daniels shoes on and they
fit me but I want the Boots little longer
and a little larger at the heel
So you can tell him to make them a sise
larger that he would for Daniel
I will need them in about a mounth
and a half The Bootes we get here
is no account my love to all
Yours most Truly J. J. Hileman

  1. wade = weight?
August 23, 1861


Co. H, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


Co. B, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


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Camp Harman


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2014
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