One mile from Centers Ville
Camp Harman Sept 10th 1861
Dear Brother and 11
I take my pen to write an
answer to your kind and afectionate
letter which I recievd on last night
That twelve whitch you recievd from
the malitia Company which Davidson
paid over to yow you can just hold it a
week or too. The pay day will come in
a week or too and I will send it to
you and you can put it in the Savings Institu
ion, all at wonce, or it may be that I will
want somethig in that time, I will write
to you in a bout too weks and let you
know. There is a good eal of sickness here
John has not bin able to drill for too
weeks, he has fell off a good eal since
you saw him He does not complan of
being sick only a little at times, He
is week, I have not spoken to a lady since
I left Fairfield I supose I saw a dozzen or to
since I have bin down here, the most
that I have seen I saw at Fairfax when I
took those marches about to weks ago
we was ordered three times they was alooking
for a fight abot that time, we do not know
any thing about when we will have a
[page 2]
fight here, if a person hears any
thing we can not tell whether it is so or
not there is a heap of fellous here that
will state lies at any time and will swear
it is so, I had thought for the last week
that you all had for gotten me all to gether
I had not received a letter since you was
down at the junction until day before yesterday. I have not much
time to write I have too Batalion drills
one at [??] eight untill half past nine in the
morning the other frm hour unil half
past five at night & dress perrade at six & too
Company drills one from eleven untill
twelve & the other from too untill three
& roll at half past four in the morning
& at half past eight at night. & the coking
to do there is Mat John & my self in
the mess, and our washing is to do so
there is not mutch time for writing long
letters, we was happy to see those too boxes
which you all and Sheltmans sent to us
we are a thou sand times a blige to you all for
sending them too boxes & we are feasting now
we wrelish them finely we are all tolerable
well at present nothing more at present
except your affectionate Brothe Daniel J Hileman
write soon and give me all the news
for thre is not mutch news here
give my love to all my inquiring
friends & to Pa & the rest of the family & a portion for your self

September 10, 1861
Date Note: 
Letter completed September 11, 1861


Co. H, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


Co. B, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


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From Note: 
Camp Harman


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
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