army of the Patomac [1]
Near Fairfax station
Sept 18th 1861

Dear Brother
I drop You a few lines we
have moved our Camp again we are about
a mile from Fairfax Court House and about
3 miles from Fairfax Station I have not
been doing any duty for several weeks I have
a good apetite to Eat but I feel too
weeak to do any duty I think it was caused
from being exposed cience
I have had the measels I feel a good deal
better now that I have all along I feel
most able to perform duty again
we are getting along very well we enjoyed
the Eatings you sent us very much I still
have that little bundle you gav me for
Samuel Connevey (I wrote to him where I
was and I recived a note from him Yesterday
morning he wanted me to send it to him
he said that he was at Camp Ellis so I am
as wise as I was before for I dont know
where Camp Ellis is not more that you do I have
no Idea where he is I think if he wanted his
things badly he would send for them so I
have enquired a good deal to know where he
was so I dont mean to troubble myself any more
[page 2]
I thought at one time last week that I
would get home for a few days but It was
all nocked in the head (I was detailed to
got to the Hospittle to wait on the sick
but the day we were to have gone I had no
way to go so the next day the Order was
countermanded and I did not get to go
The Dr of our Regment told me when I got
up to Manassas Junction get them to detail me to go
to Staunton that the most of our sick was
at Staunton he said when I got their to
apply for a furlough Home and he said that
I would have gotten Home but it was nocked
in the head as I told you above
I guess now I will not get home a toll now
for I dont think they will grant furloughs to well
persons any more If you or Father have any
Idea of coming to see us I think you had
better write to me when you want to come
down and I sill see Jackson and try to
get a pass for you and send it to you
so you will sure to come in for it will
be harder to get in now that it was before
I mean where we were camped before
my love to all yours most Truly J. J. Hileman
[added upside down in top margin]
If you have a chance to send my Boots down send them
I sent my Pistol Home several weeks ago by Mr
Mullin he lives at the Point he is the Founderman
up there I would like to know if you all Received it
[page 3]
when you direct your letters herafter dire
-ct them to J. J. Hileman Fairfax Station
cair of Capt Letcher Co H 27 Reg Va Volu.
I hope you all are well which of our
Horses was press by the Goverment to Hall
provisions I heard some of them was pressed
I reckon surely they will leave you all
Enough of Horses for you all to do your
seeding with I think the people of Virgi
-nia will soon get tiered of the Suthern
Confederacy for I think it will take all
they have got to carry on the war and
no better off what do you think about it
you wanted me to send you something
off the Battle Field as you did not get
a chance to get down there I never have
been up there science you were down here
So I have nothing that was gotten on the
Battle Field but I will try and get a
canteen for you if I can
[added upside down in top margin]
tell cousin Callie that I think she is getting
fond of tea or is it Teaford I am absend
minded at some times so I could heardly
tell what it was you was getting [???] off

  1. earlier name for the Army of Northern Virginia
September 18, 1861


Co. H, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


Co. B, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


From State: 
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
Proof Date: 

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