Army of the Patomac
Sept 22nd 1861
3 miles from Fairfax Station

Dear Brother
I drop you a few lines this
Eavening If my Bootes is done I wish you
would send them down with Wm Waultz he
is the Baker in Lexington and he is comeing
down to Bake Bread for Jacksons Brigade
I dont know how long he will stay in
Lexington when he goes home
I Rained here last night it is quite cold to
day it feels a good deal like fall I like
this camp very well we dont have our
water to cary as fare as we did whare
we were Camped before the water is not
as plentifull here but I think there is
Enough to do us I am still mending
slowly but I dont perform any millatary
duty yet I walked over to Fairfax
court House yesterday for some Molasses
that is between a ½ a mile and a mile
I felt tolerable weak when I got back
Daniel stands the Camp life tolerable well
and so dose the Dr Sheltman they are
both in good health but I think I can
Eate as much as eather of them
[page 2]
Oh Philip I wish you could come down
here to Eat Beef stake that oven you
sent me is the very thing to fry Beef stake
in I flatter my self that I can cook Beef
stake as good as any woman and I can
Bake first rate Bread too I am well
pleased with the cooking utensils you sent
me Rvery few days I have a mess of Boilt
Onions they are first rate in Camp
James Robert is well sience he come back
I think he will stand the Rubs very well
now after his long rest (we all have
had a fine rest it is about two months
since we have had any hard marches I tell
you that is what kills up poor soldiers
I dont think we have much sickness among
our troopes now I think it is some healthy
-er that it has been yet afore do you ever
write we dont get letters verry often I dont
think I have Recived one letter by mail
from you yet I dont know if you all
write and send them or not if you do
we dont get them my love to all
yours most Truly
J. J. Hileman
[added upside down at top of page 2]
I would have written oftener but I have
not felt like writing but if I continue
to mend you will hear from me oftener
So good Eavening
[1] J J Hileman
Fairfax Station
care capt Letcher Co H
27 Regt Va Vol

  1. Added upside down at top of page 1
September 22, 1861


Co. H, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


Co. B, 27th Virginia Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rockbridge County, VA


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2014
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