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Camp Marian
November 1 1861
[Dear?] Siss I received your letter and
Mothers and was glad to hear from home
and I now take my pen in hand to write
to you Just to let you no how we are all
geting Along the health of the company is
better than it has been for some time but
there is some very sick ones in the company
now M. Wimberly and Jes Wimberly and Oliver
Milton is very sick at this time but they are
better at this time it is the Relams of the [1]
Measels that is the Matter with them the
had them the same time I did though
I am well at this time Ben is well at
present and we hope this will find you
all the same Dear Sis it had been so
long a time since I got A letter from
you that I thought you had for gotten
me but I received A letter from you
and Mother the other day it made me feel
Joyful to get A letter from you both
Ben Received yours also But I have
not received one from Father in some
time and I am geting very anxious to
hear from him I have sent him
several letters and have not got no answer
to them but he never got them I no
I received the Blankets and the matress
Tick and I was ery glad to receive
them for they were Just the things we
neded for it is geting cold as the mis
Chief here but Dear Sis I must come to a
close give my respecs to the girls you rote about
that is not so About Breen and Bill
I remain your affectionate Brother J.M. Mobley
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Dear Mother I now seat my self to write
you A few lines Just to let you no that
I am still in the land of the living
and as well satisfide as I can bee the
only thing that Troubles me is that I
cant see you all if I could Just see
you all I would perfectly satisfide but
I cant sea non of you if you only
new how bad I wanted to sea you
you would want to sea me as bad as
you could we have got one recrute
last sunday and we have discharge
four they left for home to day the
were not fit for survice Dear Mother
you said you were going to send us
some things well if you will send us
things they are A great [satf??] to us but
I dont want you to run to any expence
for us But you spoke of sending us Ouer
Coats send it to Ben but dont send me
nary one for I have got a good one here
and I dont want nary one but But Ben
Needs <[???] [???] [???] Dear Mother [2]
it is nearly time for Dress parade
so I must come to a close you and
Sis and Father must write to me soon
I will write evry time I can I remain
Your affection ate son J. M. Mobley
th[??] sweet hour
When shall I see
[??] when shall
I get there

  1. relapse
  2. part of line obscured at fold
November 1, 1861


Company E, Cobb's GA Legion


Sister of James M. and Benjamin L. Mobley
Mother of James M. and Benjamin L. Mobley


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Camp Marion


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April, 2011
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