Knoxville Geo July 31st 1862
Dear Cousin I seat myself to reply to your last letter
which I received two or three weeks ago. I have deferred an
answer for several days, hoping to get something interesting
to write. We are all tolerably well at this time. I have not
heard from Aunt Eliza,s in nearly two weeks, her & family
were well then Brother William is at home now.
he was wounded on Friday 27th of June near Richmond
He had one joint of his little finger on the left hand
shot off He is well otherwise, and will write some in
This letter. We have some very hot & dry weather now. we
have had but little rain since the first of this month.
We had a little shower today. Crops have suffered
very much, but up to the time I heard from Aunt
Elizas, she had suffered very little for rain.
Priss is at home now, but will go to stay with Aunt
Eliza again, in about two weeks. Bud will start for
Richmond about the 11th of August. Me & Bud
have been down in Piny Woods, to see Mine & his little
intended. I saw Miss Sallie and she looked as be
witching as ever she did and she told me enough to
to Make any one man happy through all coming times
I think if this war was ended I could be happy now with
but three things, Miss Sallie a cradle & Broom dont you
think I ought to have them, I think if the war should
[page 2]
end now, I should covet those three things until I
got them, which, I hope would not be long. I think that
if there is one intended for me she is the one. I got acqua
inted with a couple of nice young ladies last Saturday, one of them
is Bud,s June Bug. probably he will post you on that
subject. Miss Mollie is in Bibb now, she says she wishes
her sweatheart in the war, would write to her. As to who it is
you can guess, & act accordingly. If you should wish any
more information on the subject, ask & receive. She wants
a man very bad. If there is any salt about Savanah I wish
you would send me a sack in your next letter, if you please
I believe I have written all I can think of, so I will have
Bud to finish. Receive mine & family Respects yours J P. McNeice
[written sideways in the space between authors]
you know
when any
body is talk
ing about
Prettier girls
than Miss Sallie
he is either jest
ing or has but
a poor taste.
Bud,s gal is
not half as
pretty as Sallie
and there are
few who are
half as

Dear Cousin
As John
has left me a small space I thought
I would write you a few lines though I
have nothing of importance to write. I believe
John has writin about all the news. Cousin Willie
I’ve just been to see my sweetheart, she is the prettiest
thing you ever saw, I wish you could see her. John’s gal
aint no whar. Please write to miss Mollie for my
sake. You must write to me and direct your letters
to Richmond Co C 27th Regt Ga vols W. S. McNeice

July 31, 1862


Cousin of William H. Ivey
Cousin of William H. Ivey


Company I, 32 GA Infantry


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Shiloh Peters and Michael Ellis
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April, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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