November th 6 1862
Dear Son I now seat myself to let you know
how we are getting along here we are all as well
as common and hope that these few lines may
find you well. I have got my corn all up I
42 loads with the planks up I am going to have
a load measured and will try to let you know
how much it measured out I put up the
little crib full in the shuck I am going I am
going to have the balance shucked. My pea
crop turned out some better than I anticipated
I got white peas enough gathired for seed and
some to to eat and spekled peas enough to
have some to plant and to help winter the
Sheep You spoke of wanting to know how mu
ch wheat I had on hand I had seven bushels
measured out for seed and I had four or five
left to eat. I have got up my fattening
hogs I got up sixteen with the shoat you
gave me I have nine shoats that is a year
old four sows and twenty four pigs of
different sizes for stock hogs and some of
them is right smart shoats our stock all
look tolerable well I have not lost any
since I wrote to you My potato crop
[page 2]
has improved
right smart since I first tried them. My
groundpeas tur[n]s out tolerable well I have a fine
prospect for turnips the tops look fine the
roots are small yet on account of being sowed late
I dont think I shall have more than two bales
of cotton except spinning cotton I have not cut your
grey cloth but I have made you a splendid
pair of brown geans pant I have socks
plenty on hand I expect you need them
now if you dont you will before long.
Your cousin Priss has knit you a spendid
comfort. I want you to let me know
what you need when to try to send it
and what you think would be the safest
way to send. My provisions had hold
out very well so far I have more meat on
hand than it will take to do me
until time to kill I am at a great
loss to know what to do about salt I have
as much as a half bushel of the salt you
bought last year and I learn that there is
26 lbs in Tomaston for me of the government
salt that I can get by paying one dollar
People around here is using great exertions
to try to get salt Mr Cleveland bought
[page 3]
30 sacks but he sells it at 50 $ pr sack
I expect to try to commence sowing whea
t next week and if you can give me any
advice what would be best to do I woud
be glad to have it. Brother John tried to get
to get blue stone but it was so high
that he dindnt get any for me nor for
himself. I [have] 20 bushels of yellow oats on
hand I have not got any shoes or leather and
and there is no likilihood of my getting any
My folks has all some old shoes that can
make a little while longer with I havent
given out thim new shoes that you left
here. I am also keeping your course shoes and
your ditching boots I am keeping them for fear
you may need them yourself. William you
must excuse my scattering writing and you must
also excuse me for not writing I have been dependin
g on Maryann, and Brother John, telling them
what to write for me I will come to a
close as your cousin Lydia wants to writ some
By subscribing Myself
your affectionate Mother
Eliza Ivey
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November th6 1862
Dear Cousin, as Sister Priss has gone home
and I have taken her place I will drop
you a few lines and put in with Aunt
Eliza I can say to you that Brother John
has not gone yet but it is most he will
have to go if there isnst some arrange
made to exept him. Cousin William I
would be glad to tell you something
about bud but I am not able the I
heard from him he said that he did not know
where he was but he thought was some
where not far from the potomac river he
come out u[n]hurt in both of the Maryland
fights but he lost everything he had except
what he had on but we can make more
clothes as it I am truly thankful that
it is no worse Cousin William Rebecca
sends her respects to and says she hopes you
are well and doing I recon you know who I
mean your negro woman. Dinner is ready
and I will close and carry them over to
Uncle Johns to be sent to the ofice
I am ever and truly you
your affectionate Cousin. L McN

November 6, 1862


Mother of William H. Ivey
Cousin of William H. Ivey


Company I, 32 GA Infantry


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Shiloh Peters and Michael Ellis
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April, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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