Ga Upson Cty March the 17th 1863
Dear Son and Brother.. This laves us all
tolerable well and getting along tolerable well
we was call to witness the very sad seen of
Aunt Emily Adams death last Sunday she
was took wednesday night and died sunday
night at ten oclock she was took wednesday
about sun set Uncle Ben wanted to go after
the doctor rite off but she did not cosent
about time enough to get him there at 1 oclock
the same night he stay with her the most of
the time she was rashonal all the time as long
as she could speak she knowed us when we got
there about 10 oclock sunday she told Ma she
was not in as much pain as she had been but
was very weak Uncle Ben and the children
and grandchildren that was presant took it
very hard Ma says she wants Arthur and
Albert to have in mind that the scripture says
the Lord is a strong hold in the day of truble
and knoweth them that put there trust in
Him and that he has promised not to put
more on thim than he will make them able
to bare we comensed planting corn yesterday
[page 2]
we are getting on tolerable well cosidering we
are strowing manure we have all the land we
want to plant now broke up which is the gin
house field the home orchard and hill side
this side of the branch Ma has sold your Steer
and by not being in a hurry she got her man
ure halled out and got shet of stall feeding
them and got the same price she saw when
she turned the Red one out of the plantation
that she could not controle him and the rest
of the cattle was disposed to folow him
she sold them to Mr McCord he told me if I
did not want the money he would keep it
and pay me lawful interest and I took a
note and let him keep it. Mr Colins has
attended to your shots they are doing tolerable
well you and Ma has 49 head of hogs big
and large. we want to see you very bad but
we want you to stay till you can come Honerbly
Charles has not took wife yet Uncle Johnny
put him off a little while on account [minding?]
if all our boys was Charleses we could get on
finely you must excuse us ?> I like to
forget our mail boy [ride?] wednesday
saturday Ma has not had a
the [???] since you left I must [close?]
your most affectionate [photograph very dark in lower margin]

March 17, 1863


Mother of William H. Ivey
Sister of William H. Ivey


Company I, 32 GA Infantry


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters and Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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