Camp near orange. C.H.. V.A.

march the 11th/64

Dear farther I take the privelige of

righting you a few lines which

will inform you that I am well

at this time truly hoping these few

lines may come safe to you and

find you all well. I received a

letter form you which gave me much

pleasur to here you was all well and

dwoing as well as you are and Truly

glad to here from my wife that she

was well and had plenty to live on

for I fear their will be many that will

suffer before next year this time the way

things is going on I se no prosspect of

pease it is fight on ontil we are all kild

the yankes has made sum few rads

on us This spring with cavelry we have

bin cald out a time or so though though

we have not dun much fighting yet

we are in winter quarters yet and

exspect ot stay ontil the last of this month.

then we think the campain will

open in this army and an awful seen

it will to the most of us I am truly glad

to here their is a revival of religion among

the peple at home for I can say to

you that the peple is very very wecked

here. though we have regular preching

[page 2]

Though it appears the men dont pay

much attention and they no that they

must dy though their is sum few

moners here which I am glad to se

for I no we must dy and if we are

not prepaird for deth what will

become of us I dont have any

idy of coming home this spring

to see you and my family I hope we

may be prepaird to meet each other

in heven whare their will be no

wars nor separation nor separation the

time seemes long since I left home

though I se no prospect of getting to

come home soon I want you all to

dwo the best you can for your selves

ane sister Fileety and Barbra my love

tel them howdy for me tel them to

right to me I must close by saying

give my love to all inquiring frends if

their should be any of such tel them

I disiar the prairs of all my frends

so nomoer at this time right soon

and give me all the news you

can &ca ca

Danel Abarnathy

To his farther and mother

moses,,Abanathy & polly Abarnathy

March 11, 1864


Name Variant: 
Company C, 16th NC Infantry


Father of Daniel Abernathy
Mother of Daniel Abernathy & wife of Moses Abernathy


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To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Gemma Bellhouse
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
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