Feb 2 1865

Dear husband I seat my self to write
you a few lines to night to let you
know that we are tolerable well
and I do hope that this will Reach
your kind hands and find you well
you sed if you had a mess of pudding
you would be glad I haint made non
this winter I kept one hot till after
Camp went back to make you some
pudding and sausage but he don so
mean that dident get to send you
any thing I dont expect G W Mooney
will come back he says that there is
anough to come without him and
I dont know when I will get to
send your socks there is a strong
talk of peace here I hear that they
have got a white flag hoisted there
on both sids I want to know what
you think about it they shot some
of the Deserters the other day they
saw the blood but dident get the
man the Jonson crowd dos bad
they think the soldiers will get
home in a short time and I hope
they will I hav bin walking to
day and I hav got the headache
and I cant half write and I hav to
go to morrow or next day again to
try to get a horse to plow if I can
we have had some of the coldest wether
that ever has ben hear the baby can
walk a little it never crawled a
bit I wish you could see the little
stumpy thing I am afraid it is too smart
it aint nine Months old and it can
say several words if you was to
start home afoot you never would
get home the Mc dowell Melisha is
at home now and they are after
run aways evry day it is the burk Melisha
after them but they dont ketch many
the sesesh men dos hate to own that we
are whiped they wont talk about it if
they can help it it dos me good to
[page 2]
tell it to them but they hav to own
it old vance says that if they
dont Make peace and let the men
come home in time to make a crop
that starvation will be at evry
mans door and if they dont come
it will be so I hate for you to suffer
for the big men if you can come with
a Company and keep out of the way
I dont think thy will pester them
bad if they dont do like the Johnson
Crowd the children sends you
howdy and I would be very glad
to see you but I dont know whether I
will ever see you any moor in this world
but I hope I will see you soon
the next day I am cleaning out
the flax to day the first that I
ever tride to clean and I dont think
that I will try to clean any moor
soon it has very nigh wore me
out my back hurts so that I cant
set still I sholy think that I hav as hard
a time as any woman in the County
if I have to do another year as I have
this I think it will Finish me but
I hope that you will get to come home
to help me oh God spar the Life
of My Dear husband to get home to
his helpless family shield him
from all harm and danger give
him somthing to eat and ware and
grant him a speedy return home
oh Merciful God guard and protect my
husband in all his trials and
troubles and bring him safe
through this letter is wrote
so bad I dont expect you can
read it but if you can write
me all the news I must close by
saying I remain your true loving
Wife untill death write soon
M. P. to F. P. May the Lord bless
and save you farwell Francis

February 2, 1865


Residence (County): 
Mcdowell County, NC


Name Variant: 
F. M.
Co. A, 49th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Mcdowell County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrew Albritton
Transcription Date: 
February, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2010

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