Jan the :1864 [January 17]
Dear … Wife I rece your
leter dated the 9 on the
Same day I Started my lastone
the 12 and on the 14 I rec one
dated the 5 and on the 28 of Dece
those 3 dats is all I have: got
Since I left Wilmington I was
Sory to here of your geting
hurt but I hope you will
Soon git over it my helth
is good excpt a cold but
I am over it it dident
Stop me from eting we dont
get bread anuf we draw bread
loof So mucha day wee:get
half a pound of meet a day
it is So Stinkin I cant go it
and ry coffe that is our ras
I expect we will Stay here I don[t]
like this place much but
not my will be dun I can
Sta where any one elce can
if I keep my health
[page 2]
his eys tel hen to open
them diches the one belo the garden
I want all of the menure and
Stuf haled on the garden field on
the pores Spots hen knoes where
wee have a heep of bad wether doun
here wee have good preachin
doun here wee have of weeked
men don here that is what keeps
this war going on the Siner must
repent bfore, the war Stops
before old master rases his rod of
afflicton when the peple acnoleg
god to be the Lord then we ma
look for pece not before
wee must repent or peresh
war is tire Sum place but
it will close Sum time I
dont care how Soon Nuthing
mor at present, if Ford cals
for a horse let him have it
R C Caldwell to Mag his
Wife at home home
[page 3]
Well Mag you have for got
to write me the nuse of the
neighbor hood Mag my Box was
all rite the onley falt I had
to it was it got dun two Soon
John Ford is going home
he will Stop at my house
to git a horse to ride to Bob
Simpsons you can make arong [1]
with him about a Box to me
when he coms back I Dont
know when I will git home
I want you to pay Sandy
Mckinley what I oe him
I am very well Satsyfide
a bout hens hire I think
you had beter hire the Robe[??]
Boy 4 month in crop time
you had beter Speek for
him in time Bathe the muel
eye and giv him Sulfer a
table Sponful at a time
2 a week it is two much
[page 3]
Well Mag I want hen to
make rails cut his timber
along Side of the nuground Gap
cut them big trees where the
wood was piled cut his limbs
along both ways from the gap
make 5 hundred along there
and cut the tops for wood
I want that fence fixt
back of the garden next teters
and up the rode to the house
and I want the fence repard
from the medow to teters fenc
hen can cut the timber you can
hire Sum niger at knight to Split
hen can git Harry Stafford
Sum one and hen can Split
I want the wheat Sprated and
the corn Stocks all nocked doun
and the brush getherd of the wheat
if you can by a wagen any
where by it 2 hor[s]e maby you
can get Blooms 2 or 3 hundred
maby C A C can by one for you
[page 4]
J. N. Caldwell cornelus Said
he wrote you a leter a fu days
a go he;is well and fat one of
the best volenteers out,,he Says
he is one of the Bloody 10 the volen
,, wee Surenaded the mager last time
wee had a fine knight making
Speches I dont know when
I will get home we have Sum
fu going home on furlo I make
my Self we drill on the big
guns this is a leter I Start to
Jan,, the 17, 1864 JNC
Well mag I comenced this
leter 2 or 3 days a go with the
expecttation of Sending it to
you by John Ford but he
hant got his fur lo yet
to go home but I think he will
I thot I wold male it and
Send it on as I cant tel when
he will Start he ma git there
bfore this leter you will See
him when he cums
[page 5]
he will call on you for a horse
you can let him have it
you can send a Box with him
to R C C Well mag I receved
a leter to day from you Dated
12 you can See what letrs I have
got by this letr you Spoke of
one the 31 I did not get I write
one every week Sum weeks 2
I have no nuse of importen
to rite only I am well and
was glad to here you ware
all well I heerd a good Sermon
to day the txt was Romans the 1
and 16 verce it was a Splendid
Sermon wee have Splendid
prechin wee need it this is
a weaked croud and I dont
think the war will Stop while
the folks is so weeked there is
of the yankes trying us Sum
of those days But I Dont no
Nuthing more write Soon to
mee RCC

  1. arrangements?
January 17, 1864


Co. C, 10th Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


From Note: 
Not Listed, likely near Wilmington


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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