Saltville May 19 1864
James Whitaker Sen
Dear Father I take this time
to write you a few lines I have writen
you often Since I left home but I dont
whether you have recived them. the mail
is so uncertain I am well as usual so is the
company we left Carters Depot on the 7th
inst to meet a yankey Raid on this Place
we got her on the 8th & lay in line of batel
for 5 days the yankes turnd thar corc [1] and
attacted Dublin our forces met them thar
they had a saver fight the yankes drive
our forces back & burnt the Depot & the Bridge
over the Lite [2] River & done some damage to the 
Railroad & telegraph wire but they was after-
-ward driven off we lost some 250 kild won
-nded & prisoners 120 of them is her now
they had 10.000 men we did not have one
third as meny. We her that Gen Bracanrige
has captured thar trane of wageons & part
of the men. the news from Richmond
is of the best kind tho you will her all
about it before this reaches you the news
from the west is also good if half we
her is corect the war will soon be at
[page 2]
end we alls her that Gen Johnson has
whipt Thomas at Chattanooga & that both
armyes has gon to Richmond it Seemes
that it is the intention of both parties to
deside the contest thar. Father we are all
confident of ganing our independence
before long tho we may be deseaved we think
this sumer will wind up the war
Father we are at this time cut off from
all the world except part of E Tenn the
Rail Road is cut East of her we can her
from home we thout when Charley Truit
got back we could her from our friends
but he it seames is not coming back
his time has bin our for a month & now
he cant git her if he wanted to
Saltville is 7 miles from the R.R. with
Branch R.R. leding to it you have no ida
how much salt could be made her
tho the workes is nerly all idel now
thar is a large amount of Salt her if I
could git it home I could git as much
as I pleased but thar is no chance
giting it shipt away
[page 3]
The Northcarlina workes is Idel So is the G.A.
workes. it is un certin how long we will stay
her we will very likely go to Richman or we
may go back to Tenn Father I am uneasy
about my family I fear they cannot git corn
nor flower. I wrote to my wife if she did
not neede too bad to let you have
him this Sumer to help you I do not
know whether She got the leter or not.
I hered yesterday that Gen Forests Cavelry
was at Cleveland Tenn if it is so some
one could go thar & see whether the Tomb
Stones is thar or not I fer they are
lost or Spoilt I would rather than
five times the cost they could have
bin got home & put up but it Cant
be helpt now
I have nothing elce of intrust to write
Lieut Ingram is well. Green wood
is well & makes a good Soldier.
tell Litel Gim we would like to
See hime her if he was well enough
tell him we whipt the yankes
[page 4]
at Carter the worst kind the boys
done thar duty as usuel we only had
3 wounded one since dide the yankes
lost ner fifty kild & wounded this
is the last time they have ventu
red So far from Knoxville
A Tennesean by the name of
will take this leter to N.C whar he
will mail it or he may take it
to you you can send it to my
wife as I have not time to write
more to night & he is going to Start
Soon in the morning
this will give her the news
if you write Direct to Saltville V.A
be sure to name the Battalion Legion
& Briggade if you do this the leter
will follow us whar ever we go
your Son S Whitaker

  1. course?
  2. Lite = Little?
May 19, 1864


Co. H, Walker’s Battalion, Thomas’ North Carolina Legion
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


Residence (County): 
Davidson County, NC


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To State: 
North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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April, 2011
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