State of virginia spotsilvina county
June the 15th 1863
mi Dear old ant I will rite you afew lines to
inform you that I am well at this time & I
hope this ma find you & the children all
well & doin well I recived your letter yesterday
I was glad to here from you & to here that
you & your children all was giten along sou well
I hope you will ceap doin well if I cant doo
well you would like to here all the nuse but it
is out of mi power to rite it thoe I will rite
some of it we camp in a line batel from last
saterdy morning was a weak as until yesterdy
diner in site of the yankees al the time
& tha never came on us & I tell you I
was glad tha did not come on us the
report is nou tha have left & I am sory
of it foure we will have to follere them
we air orderd to bee redy to march by day brake
in the mornin & I tell you that I dred the
marchen & the fiten you rote to calvin & in
his absence I took the letter he was well
when he left us I have herd from
sence he left he went throw richmond
he went out to the ward wher william was to
see him he sed that he was doing as well as could
be expeted he was well all only his foot &
it was doing as well as could bee considerin
calvin has gone on from richmond to raley in nothe
carlin I must soon close four this
time rite soon & all the nuse
Danil Thomars to marian [J?] williams
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State of virginia spots
ilavania county june the 15 63 mi dear
& affection cusions it is with plesure
that I atemp to rite you afew lines to inform
you of mi helth I am well at this time as I
as fare as I now I hope this will rech
all of you in good helth & doin well das it is
getin late in the evnin & I have got to
get mi rashin & cook it mi letter will be
short at this time I would bee glad to
give you a hister of this plase but as
I cant doo it until I see you & I fear
that time is fare off 3 williams you
must ceep all of your letters you git
fron that one until four I want to
read thim & see if all of them is
as good as the first one was one
I want you to see that she dont destroy
her letters William you & Johnson must
bee good boys & mind what is told to
you & make all you can to eat foure
the one that makes it is the one that
is shure of it lewis ses he is here in
camp with the rest of us thoe he is not
perfectly well he wishes to bee
rememberd to you & all the rest of the
inquirin friends if any plese excuse bad
ritin & spleen & dont think hard of
when you rite direct your leter to richmond
VA Co. a 38 N C T R P
Penders Brigade a P Hill division
D H Thomas good bye to his cosions

June 15, 1863


Co. A, 38th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Duplin County, NC


Name Variant: 
Marianne, Marium
Residence (County): 
Onslow County, NC
John Wesley Williams' family
Residence (County): 
Duplin County, NC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2010

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